Is Kia Finally Better Than Honda?

Both Kia and Honda are popular car brands. For a long time, Kia was known as the bargain brand that generally lacked quality and longevity. Honda is well known for the reliability and high performance of its vehicles. Things have definitely improved for Kia over the years, but is Kia better than Honda?

Just because something is cheaper, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. The same is true for the opposite. We know that in the past, Honda is without fail the better brand. But what about the Kia and Honda cars of today? Are they really even that different anymore?

A good old fashion comparison video

Scotty Kilmer, a familiar YouTube channel personality and mechanic, pits the two against each other in a comparison video. He goes a bit into the history of each car brand. In addition, Kilmer speaks to the experiences of his clients and their Kia and Honda cars.

A gray Kia K5 in motion on an urban street
2021 Kia K5 GT-Line front 3/4 | Kia

As with many comparison video posts, this one also concludes that the better brand depends greatly upon what the buyer wants. Some people want a car that looks cool and costs a little less. Others don’t mind paying the extra money if they believe that the car they are buying will actually last longer.

Kia and Honda Cars

In the video, Kilmer talks about how Kia cars generally cost less money than Honda cars. It’s also worth mentioning that––especially in recent model years–– the Kia design looks good. Exterior style is bold, modern, and compelling.

A white 2020 Honda Civic Type R drives down the road
2020 Honda Civic Type R front 3/4 | Honda

Honda cars have a reputation for being good cars. They are, however, a little more expensive. The 2020 Honda Civic, for example, costs between $19,850 – $28,950–– according to US News and World Report. The 2020 Kia Forte is priced between $17,890 – $23,090, according to US News. Additionally, the 2020 Honda Civic is rated the #2 compact car while the 2020 Kia Forte earned the #4 spot. Both are in the top five, but Honda is the winner as far as US News and World Report is concerned.

Is Kia Better than Honda?

Kia is a Korean carmaker with cars that look good and come just a bit cheaper than your typical Japanese made Honda. Additionally, Kilmer notes in the video that––while Honda is by far the more serious engine company––the Kia cars still “feel pretty good in road testing.” Kia isn’t necessarily better than Honda.

a 2004 model year Honda Civic with a mountainous backdrop
2004 Honda Civic | Edmunds

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But if you want a budget car that is pretty good, Kia is a great option. Kilmer’s customers with Honda cars, he says, have cars that last into the 370,000-400,000 mile range on the odometer. If that’s what you want from your car, it’s worth spending the extra money on a Honda. Still, at the rate Kia’s going in today’s market it’s easy see why some people might be asking if Kia is Better than Honda.

Overall, if you want a car that will last and has one of the best engines you’ll want to go with Honda. But Kia isn’t far behind and comes a bit cheaper that Honda. So while Kia cars aren’t better than Honda cars, this doesn’t mean they are not good cars. There are many compelling reasons to buy a Kia. New models like the Telluride and the K5 are exciting and start lower than several other options on the market.