Is Jeep Ready To Offer A Big Accessory It Teased For Years?

They say the good thing about competition is that it makes everyone’s product better. It also leads to different ways to skin a cat for some extra sales. Every year Jeep trots out concepts that sadly, are only exercises. At the 2017 LA Auto Show Jeep teased an orange half-door. It said that the half-door Jeep accessory would go into production by 2019. We’ll give them a break for not making that date with the coronavirus and all.

In 2018 it revealed the Jeep Jeepster concept at the 52nd Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. At the time a lot of enthusiasts who saw it expressed interest in the half-door option. The 2018 Jeepster concept wasn’t the only time Jeep teased those half-doors. 

The day the Bronco was revealed Jeep also made an accessory reveal

Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept | Jeep

The day the Bronco was revealed Jeep also made a reveal. It showed off the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 concept. That was meant to tease the 6.4-liter V8 Jeep intends to offer. But it also featured half-doors that give it an open roadster look. Now prototypes have been spied with that very feature. Is Jeep finally ready to offer the big accessory it has teased for years? 

Ford has done some teasing of their own. Some different Bronco door designs have been spied throughout the Bronco’s development. With that competition bearing down it looks like the Jeep factory half-doors are inevitable. Available from the aftermarket for years, Mopar is looking to score some accessory gold as it has with so many other aftermarket-like accessories. 

Half-doors are easy to spot because the top of the door is cut down for a more open feel

2018 Jeep® Jeepster Concept | Jeep

The half-doors are easy to spot because the top of the door is cut down for a more open feel. When the windows are fitted they are a thick canvas surround with a clear vinyl window or clear plexiglass. But we just like them for the clean, open-air look. And visibility is improved, too, if you need another reason to like them.

Rather than the clear vinyl that is just a variation of the old isinglass windows of the 1920s might we suggest a sliding solid-frame window? Bestop already offers that type of design and they would seem to work better than zippered in plastic and canvas removable windows. 

One thing Jeep has done for a couple of decades is to release memorable concepts

2000 Jeep Willys1 concept | Getty

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One thing that Jeep has done for a couple of decades is to release some memorable concepts.

Jeep Hurricane concept with 4-wheel steering | Getty

We have no idea what Jeep is up to but it would be great if it would dust off some of those concepts and give them some consideration.

Jeep Mighty FC forward control concept | Jeep

Ford has already said a pickup version of the Bronco is on the horizon. It looks like Ford wants a complete line for the Bronco brand. 

Jeep already has that. But there could be more fuel for the Jeep fire with some of those special concepts from the past. Many hold up well today. We’re talking about concepts like the impractical but very cool Jeep Willys concept, Mighty FC forward-control truck concept, and Hurricane four-wheel-steering concept.  C’mon Jeep, you can do these.