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So here’s the thing about the Rezvani “Tank” hybrid SUV. It’s pretty much all Jeep Wrangler 4xe under the aggressive bodywork. Now, the tuner will give you a 707 hp Hellcat or 1,000 hp Demon V8, but there is nothing out of the ordinary from a factory stock Wrangler under the skin. Besides the body mods, there are things Rezvani will do that you can’t get from other upfitters or mod shops.

What’s the difference between the Tank and Tank Military?

Gray Rezvani Tank Military with warehouse backdrop
Rezvani Tank Military | Rezvani

Moving up to the Tank Military Edition, that’s where the differences are pronounced. The body is bulletproof, with explosive protection on the undercarriage. It is shod with mil-spec run-flat tires, ram bumpers, and reinforced shocks, and the icing on the cake is the smoke screen system. Just like James Bond!

The downside to all of these extra features is the extra weight. We suggest this might tax the 4xe V6, necessitating going with the Hellcat or Demon V8s, yet the 4xe hybrid version is only available with the Military version. So while extra everything adds up quickly, you can’t add what it might really need, more power.  

Rezvani Tank Military rear 3/4 view
Rezvani Tank Military | Rezvani

The good news for drivers looking for SUV exclusivity is that the Tank bodywork does a good job of hiding its pedestrian origins. Nobody will know it’s a Jeep unless they know. Those bulked-out fenders and massive C-pillar treatment don’t give a clue this is a Jeep Wrangler underneath. Adding to all of this are the larger diameter wheels and tall knobby tires. 

How much does the Rezvani Tank cost?

Interior shot driver's side Rezvani Tank Military
Rezvani Tank Military | Rezvani

Inside it is a different story. The example shown here is resplendent in white overstuffed leather. Besides the seats with “Rezvani” below the headrests, white leather covers the dash, armrests, console, and grab bar. Not exactly off-road recommended, but we’re sure Rezvani offers up plenty of choices to spiff up the cabin besides dirt-friendly white. 

The standard fare for a 2023 Wrangler is the 3.6 V6 Pentastar engine with 285 hp. The 4xe is powered by the 2.0-liter turbocharged four, combined with the 17kWh battery. This ups the power to 375 hp. Either one spins an eight-speed automatic transmission. This also includes the selectable high/low range four-wheel drive. The 4xe gives 49 mpge. 

That, again, makes us wonder if the Rezvani Tank really is superior to the stock Wrangler. If ostentatiousness isn’t your thing, then you’re better off with the stocker. Yeah, it’s still a run-of-the-mill Wrangler, but that’s what the Tank is too. And with a starting price of $155,000 for the Tank and $295,000 for the Tank Military, that’s way more than the stock 4xe’s $59,125 buy-in


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