Is Ford Active-ly Planning To Bring the Fusion Back To the US?

Up until the middle of 2020, there was still one sedan in the Ford US lineup: the Fusion. Now that it’s gone, though, the Mustang is the only Blue Oval passenger car left. However, even before the Fusion’s cancellation, rumors swirled that it might return. But if it does, it won’t be a sedan.

Ford might resurrect the Fusion as a lifted wagon/crossover

Even before the Fusion officially died, we’ve been hearing whispers that Ford could bring it back. Not as a sedan, mind you, but as a crossover/wagon, Autoblog reports. Basically, something like a Ford version of the Subaru Outback and Crosstrek. And the name of this hypothetical car would be ‘Ford Fusion Active.’

Initially, it was believed the Ford Fusion Active would arrive for the 2022 model year, Autoweek reports. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic’s industry-wide impact, that estimate seemed unlikely, Car and Driver reports.

But that was before spy shots of a heavily-camouflaged lifted Ford hatchback/wagon leaked onto the Internet. And based on another series of leaked pictures, it seems the Ford Fusion Active is indeed moving forward, Autoblog reports. Admittedly, Ford hasn’t officially commented on any of these photos. However, if they do indeed show a future Fusion wagon/crossover, Car and Driver estimates that the 2021 release date could still hold.

Will the Ford Fusion Active actually happen?

An orange 2019 Ford Focus Active wagon on a mountain road
2019 Ford Focus Active | Ford

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It’s worth pointing out that the idea of Ford turning one of its sedans into a lifted wagon/crossover isn’t far-fetched. It’s not even new. Outside of the US, Ford sells a lifted Focus wagon known as the Focus Active. And according to Top Gear, it’s actually “better than a crossover.”

However, Ford Authority muses that the camouflaged vehicle in the spy shots isn’t necessarily a future Ford Fusion Active. The site reports that the specific camo pattern isn’t used for North American prototypes, but “international-market” ones, instead. Motor Authority muses that it could also be a “stretched version” of the Focus’s platform. That might explain the shape of the rear hatch, which doesn’t quite match the one seen on the prototype Car and Driver snapped in early 2020.

The rear 3/4 view of a white 2019 Ford Focus Active on a cliff-lined beach
2019 Ford Focus Active rear 3/4 | Ford

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Even if Ford does bring the Fusion back to the US in some form, it might not be called ‘Fusion Active.’ Ford trademarked the name ‘Stormtrak’ in early 2020, Roadshow reports, which hasn’t appeared on any Ford vehicle before. At the time, a company spokesperson said that Ford often files trademarks “’ routinely to protect new (or existing) phrases, designs or symbols,’” and not necessarily as an indication of “’ new business or product plans.’”

What we still don’t know

As of this writing, Ford hasn’t officially confirmed if the Fusion Active is coming to the US. Or, indeed, if it’s planning on making such a vehicle.

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If a lifted Fusion wagon/crossover is inbound, it will likely feature a range of gasoline and hybrid powertrains, MotorTrend reports. All-wheel drive is practically a given, as an option if not a standard feature. Car and Driver estimates a price in the $30,000-$40,000 range.

Hopefully, Ford releases some solid information soon, if only to end the speculation.

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