Is APG’s Ford Ranger Prorunner Better Than the Raptor?

The Ford Ranger Raptor might not be the best overlander right out the gate, but it is a great, compact off-roader. And while Ford won’t sell it in the US (yet), Texas-based tuner PaxPower does provide an alternative. Now, though, another company, California-based Automotive Performance Group, has stepped forward to beef up Ford’s mid-size truck. And APG’s Ford Ranger Prorunner could give the Raptor a run for its money.

APG Ford Ranger Prorunner specs

Interestingly, the Ford Ranger Prorunner doesn’t get different tires or wheels. It also, Motor1 reports, doesn’t get new shocks. Instead, APG’s Series 1 kit focuses on preparing the Ranger so its owner can do their own further customization.

To start, APG installs an aerospace-grade carbon-fiber widebody kit, which includes new fender flares, bedsides, and fuel door. This makes the Ford Ranger Prorunner 10” wider than stock. Underneath, the Ranger gets wider control arms, extended front axle shafts and tie rods, new wheel rings and hubs, and front coil-over spacers.

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Introducing the 2019+ Ranger RAMBLER, by APG

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All this lets the truck accommodate tires up to 35” wide and up to 12.5” of suspension travel. Uncrate reports the Ford Ranger Prorunner can be fitted with wheels up to 25” wide.

APG Ford Ranger Prorunner jumping
APG Ford Ranger Prorunner jumping | APG

In front, APG installs an aluminum winch-ready bumper with cutouts for the Ford Ranger’s parking sensors. The powder-coated bumper also includes spaces for extra LED lights, as well as D-ring mounts for towing or additional gear.

APG also offers additional equipment for its Ford Ranger Prorunner. Customers can get a matching aluminum rear bumper, again with sensor cutouts and D-rings. The front bumper, meanwhile, can be equipped with an 8000-lb Warn winch. Both bumpers can also receive KC Flex LED off-road lights. And finally, the Ford Ranger Prorunner can be delivered with a KC HiLiTES aluminum roof bar, complete with a 50” LED light bar and additional LED sidelights.

Ford Ranger Prorunner vs. Ranger Raptors

PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor
PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower

Because the APG Ford Ranger Prorunner doesn’t come with new tires, wheels, or shocks, it’s difficult to compare it precisely with the European or PaxPower’s Ranger Raptor. However, because APG’s Series 1 kit is basically a blank slate, that means customers can essentially build an arguably better version of either truck.

The Ford Ranger Prorunner can be fitted with the same Icon wheels, Toyo off-road tires, and 2.5” King off-road shocks as the PaxPower Raptor. If you prefer, you can fit Fox 2.5” coilovers similar to the European Raptor’s, instead.

Ford Bronco R race prototype
Ford Bronco R race prototype | Ford

Or, you could fit the larger, longer-travel King 3.0” racing coilovers. You could even go full rally truck, and install the setup Ford used in the Bronco R.

The Ranger Prorunner, then, isn’t exactly a Ranger Raptor. It’s not quite a straight-from-the-factory Baja truck. Instead, it’s an expanded platform for even further customization.


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Come see our new Ranger ProRunner right at the #treadpass entrance SEMA V934

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Although APG lists the Series 1 pricing for a Ford Ranger 4×4, HiConsumption and Uncrate report the kit can also be installed on 2WD Rangers. Without installation, the kit starts at $10,573. With installation, but before additional equipment, the cost is $15,948. Meaning, you could get a Ranger Prorunner for as little as $44,518.

That’s actually quite a bit less than what PaxPower’s Ranger Raptor would cost. The Texas tuner charges $29,950 for its kit. In addition, PaxPower requires using an FX4-equipped Ranger, which adds an addition $1,295 to the price.

And $15,000 can buy some fairly-impressive suspension kits and off-road tires and wheels.

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