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The new BMW 7 Series debuted looking like it came out of a superhero movie. For 2023, it gets a big broad hood, flanked by two narrow slits for lights and a giant re-worked BMW grille. In the Black Pacakge trim, it could be Kato’s car in the Green Lantern – just add green-tinted headlights. Regardless, the new car also brought with it a steep price tag of $100,000.

Is this five-seat German super sedan really worth six figures?

How much does a 7 Series BMW cost?

A black BMW 7 Series sedan driving
2023 BMW 7 Series | BMW

The BMW 740i Sedan starts at $95,700. Sure, it’s not exactly 6 figures, but who orders a base model BMW? For that $95,700 you do get BMW’s 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The inline six does a great job in the two-door M240i, but with just 375 horsepower, it’s a bit underpowered for 7 Series duty.

Instead, you’ll probably want to step up to the 760i xSedan, which brings a 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 to the party. The x also means that you get all-wheel drive. But, the x760i starts at $116,400. But the 536 horsepower motor makes more sense for a car this big. The bigger motor also helps disguise some of the weight from the all-wheel drive system.

What makes the 2023 BMW 740i expensive?

The interior of a 2023 BMW 7 Series sedan
BMW 7 Series interior | BMW

Like we said, nobody ever buys a base version of BMW’s flagship sedan. Instead, most ditch BMW’s Veganza fake leather for the real stuff, which is can $1,800 for leather trim or $7,300 for full Merino leather in five color combinations. While companies like Subaru and Hyundai offer standard driver’s assistance packages, to get front collision warning, lane departure warning and other safety aids, you’ll have to add the $2,100 Driving Assistance Professional Package. The M Sport appearance package adds an additional $950.

It’s kind of amazing that heated seats are an option on the 7, but if you want the heat add $500, and an additional $500 for ventilation. As you can see, with just a few ticks of options packages that most consider regular accessories in a car of this class, it’s very easy to go beyond $100,000. However, according to Edmunds, it could be better than a Mercedes S Class.

What’s new for 2023?

A screen can slide down from the ceiling of the 2023 BMW 7 Series
You can order a 31-inich screen for the back seat passengers of a 2023 BMW 7 Series | BMW

The entire 7 Series got a complete redesign for 2023. BMW likes to push boundaries with styling, though it didn’t push as far on the 7 Series as it has on other cars like it did on the funky XM. But, that redesign did bring an even nicer interior and some cool new technology options. The car now offers self-parking tech, for example. Since this is a big and long car, it has a rear-wheel steering system to help get around corners, and the Bergdorf Goodman parking garage.

The feature that seems to grab headlines is the giant 31-inch Theater Screen that drops down from the ceiling and can stream videos from the car’s wi-fi hotspot. But, of course, you’ll probably want to add the $3,000 Luxury Rear Seating Package that adds massaging, and reclining, rear seats.


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