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If you are exceptionally keen on your vehicle’s maintenance, you likely have come across the different types of spark plugs (Iridium, Copper, and Platinum). While you might be familiar with the benefits of installing platinum spark plugs, iridium plugs may be a valuable option for diesel fuel vehicles. Here is an in-depth overview of the various benefits of Iridium spark plugs versus Copper and Platinum.

Five benefits Iridium spark plugs have over Copper and Platinum

Spark plugs in an older engine.
Spark plugs | Getty Images

An iridium spark plug’s benefits over Copper and Platinum often steam from its heat-resistant properties. Copper is not recommended for high-performance engines because the heat emanating from these engines could cause damage. However, it is valid for any metal spark plug. Copper has a shorter lifespan than some other metals, like platinum. Iridium, Copper, and Platinum spark plugs are considered for use in the first 100,000 miles. Iridium is considered the standard of quality in spark plugs, and, according to Jalopy Talk, its higher prices reflect that.

Compared to the other types, iridium spark plugs have numerous far-reaching benefits that make them the ideal choice. While most of these benefits are operational, some involve structural integrity and longevity. Here are the five benefits iridium spark plugs have over Copper and platinum. 

1. Fuel efficiency

The Iridium spark plug is designed to last twice as long as the platinum or copper spark plugs while maintaining a similar amount of heat in the engine. It has this done with an electrical heater that transfers energy to other components in the cylinder, rather than sending heat directly into the combustion chamber where it could cause burning builds which could cause damage to pistons, valves, and other parts. Another benefit is that it does not cool down as much after running for a bit due to not having any exposed metal parts, reducing friction between moving parts susceptible to heat buildup.

2. Boosts velocity

The Iridium spark plug works almost the same way as a standard spark plug. However, due to the coating on the tips of its primary electrodes, it has direct voltage transfer into the cylinder, resulting in a very hot spark between each electrode, which causes it to ignite fuel faster. 

3. Boosts engine power

The Iridium spark plug has a plus of 12 hp per cylinder compared to 10 hp using platinum or copper spark plugs. It also lasts twice as long as platinum or copper plugs and reduces engine wear due to less friction and heat buildup caused by oxidation.

4. Clearness of engine ignition

The Iridium spark plugs reduce combustion chambers and engines that overheat due to the added voltage. It also eliminates the noise caused by a rough spark, which can be out of tune due to mechanical damage in the engine from heat.

5. Long-lasting life

The Iridium plug has increased longevity due to its ability to transfer the energy from an electrical heater directly into the cylinders rather than sending it into the combustion chamber, which can damage pistons, valves, and other parts. It also has no exposed metal parts because it is electronic, therefore not subjecting itself to mechanical wear resulting from oil or water contamination.


The Iridium spark plug offers many benefits to an engine. While the price is higher than the other plugs, it lasts twice as long and reduces friction in the engine, resulting in less wear on parts and a more efficient engine overall. As a result, it is a perfect choice for those who can afford it and if you want to save money in the long run.

It may be tempting to order spark plugs online, but your car’s spark plugs are essential parts that require careful installation. If not installed properly and secured correctly, they can cause severe damage to your engine, which will cost a lot of money. In addition, Failure to replace spark plugs on time could cost you more than the original price of the parts. In other words, nothing beats the peace of mind brought by getting professional assistance with your car’s maintenance work, such as changing spark plugs.


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