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The 2022 Honda Navi recently debuted and it offers quite the value proposition. It’s small and easy to manage for any new or experienced rider and it’s super affordable. With a starting price under $2,000, the Navi undercuts a lot of competitors in the minibike segment and is appealing to anyone that just needs a quick and easy way to get around town. If you’re interested in buying one, here are a few other things you should know about it.

1. The Honda Navi’s seat is wide and comfortable

A top view of the 2022 Honda Navi
2022 Honda Navi | Honda Powersports

The Honda Navi may be a pint-sized bike compared to other genuine motorcycles on the road, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in the comfort department. According to Hot Cars, when you swing your leg over the bike and sit firmly in the seat, the first thing you will notice is just how comfortable it is.

The seat is wide enough for two adult riders and its bolstering is good enough for the daily commute. In addition to its generous padding, the seat height is set at a low 30.1 inches, making it comfortable for shorter riders as well.

2. The CVT makes stop-and-go traffic less aggravating

A rider riding on a 2022 Honda Navi on the street
2022 Honda Navi | Honda Powersports

Ask any car enthusiast and they will tell you how much they don’t like continuously variable transmissions (CVT). The lack of shifts makes for a lackluster driving experience compared to a traditional geared transmission. However, in minibikes like the Honda Navi, it works. Just twist the throttle and the little bike goes without any issues or shifting. It’s truly a point-and-shoot experience, even in stop-and-go traffic, since there’s no need to shift gears.

3. It can handle really well given its small size

a rear view of the 2022 Honda Navi
2022 Honda Navi | Honda Powersports

The editors at Hot Cars report that the 2022 Honda Navi is very agile at any speed that it’s capable of doing. The Navi’s stellar agility is due, in part, to its steel chassis, which keeps it sturdy. Additionally, its 26.8mm inverted forks 3.5 inches of suspension travel help, but it’s worth noting that the rear suspension is non-adjustable.

4. Its ride quality isn’t the greatest

2022 Honda Navi swing arm
2022 Honda Navi swing arm | Honda Powersports

While those aforementioned inverted forks help the suspension remain compliant at lower speeds, the Navi does get somewhat upset over the larger bumps and dips. It’s the same story for the rear suspension as well as it tends to get unsettled at higher speeds.

5. The Navi is a pretty bare-bones motorcycle

2022 Honda Navi
2022 Honda Navi gauges | Honda Powersports

Given the Honda Navi’s low price of entry, you can’t expect it to have the latest and greatest tech. In fact, it has an analog speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge in addition to a set of halogen headlights. It might sound archaic, but let’s keep in mind that the Navi is as basic of a bike as you can get and its bare-bones architecture is one of the reasons it’s so affordable.

The Honda Navi is an affordable bike that works for almost anyone

While the 2022 Honda Navi is a small bike that may not have all of the tech goodies and other comforts that bigger bikes have, it offers a tremendous value. With an MSRP of only $1,807, the Navi is affordable enough to fit nearly anyone’s budget and fit almost any type of rider. And if you’re planning on buying one, just keep in mind that it might be small on features, but it’s big on fun.