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Luxury sedans are a stylish way to travel for folks who don’t need big SUVs. As far as full-size luxury sedans go, Karma is a relative newcomer to the automotive world. But it has already made a name for itself. In fact, one of Karma’s luxury sports sedans was named the best full-size car of the year. 

TrueCar’s picks for best full-size luxury cars

A bright-blue metallic Karma Revero GTS sports sedan at the Automobility LA Technology Pavilion in November 2019
A Karma Revero GTS in 2019 | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The full-size luxury car segment doesn’t usually get many newcomers, so the best ones are typically well-known. For example, according to TrueCar, the 10th-best full-size luxury car of the year is the Tesla Model S. But that’s the EV maker’s only entry on TrueCar’s list. The rest of the list is primarily composed of the famous German luxury manufacturers, plus Lexus, Genesis, and Volvo. 

For instance, the Mercedes-Benz CLS placed fifth, and the Audi A8 came in fourth. Third place went to the Volvo S90, and second place went to the Genesis G80. However, in a shocking turn of events, the Karma Revero GT took first place. It earned the top spot by being a rare, powerful, and sustainable car with many unique qualities.

The 2020 Karma Revero GT at a glance

Starting at just over $146,000, the Karma Revero GT is a luxury car that only true luxury car shoppers can afford. Other models on TrueCar’s list are more expensive than regular cars, but a few are actually attainable. For example, the Genesis G80 and Volvo S90 start at about $50,000, a fraction of the Revero GT’s price.

But Karma does something unique with the Revero GT, as it’s a green car in more ways than one. It’s a plug-in hybrid, so not only does it have a good fuel economy, but it can also go fully electric on short commutes. TrueCar says the Revero GT gets 70 mpg combined and has a battery-only range of 61 miles. Not only that, but the Revero GT also has a solar roof, so it can get some extra range when the sun is out.

Furthermore, the Revero GT’s opulent interior blends luxury with sustainability. According to TrueCar, Karma used plenty of “sustainably sourced materials” to deck out the cabin. Luxury and sustainability aside, it’s also a powerful car. The hybrid powertrain harnesses 536 hp and 550 lb-ft combined, allowing it to accelerate quickly.

The Karma Revero GT came back from the brink

Of course, for that nearly $150,000 price, the Karma Revero GT offers plenty of other features too. For instance, it comes with myriad smart safety features, including blind-spot warning, lane keep assist, and more. Additionally, high-end features such as a navigation system and a Wi-Fi hotspot are standard. What’s most impressive, however, is the fact that Karma makes and sells this car in the first place.

Karma’s history has been a rough one, to say the least. The company sprouted from a California-based startup, Fisker Automotive. It created a luxury green car similar to the Revero GT, the Fisker Karma. But eventually, Fisker Automotive declared bankruptcy and collapsed. Karma Automotive emerged from the rubble. 

However, the new company came close to meeting the same fate. Last year, Karma Automotive was rumored to be declaring bankruptcy. But it averted that crisis. Maybe the Revero GT signals good karma for the automaker.