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Really, have you ever seen a car as crazy as the Apollo Evo hypercar? It’s called the “Carbon Dragon” and if you squint it looks like a dragon with all of its projections, jutting panels, wings, and things. If you were in Croatia recently, you may have caught a glimpse of it in a rare public appearance. So, what have we learned about the hypercar since its last appearance?

Is the Apollo Evo hypercar a real car?

Apollo Evo
Apollo Evo circuit race car | Apollo

Apollo Automobili unveiled the Evo in November in China, but the company is based in Germany. It is a limited production supercar with little information available. The company has yet to identify what engine will power it. Really, most of the car is still a mystery, but you can’t deny it exists as a real vehicle. For that, check out the video below.

Apollo’s Evo hypercar is based on the previous Intensa Emozone. The IE featured a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated Ferrari V-12. That engine cranks out 769 hp. 

Who engineered and built the Evo?

Apollo Evo
Apollo Evo circuit race car | Apollo

The body is a monocoque carbon fiber shell, with a much more extreme design than the IE. After all, it had to outdo itself. HWA AG, in Wolfsburg, which handled the Mercedes CLK GTR, engineered the car for Apollo. Instead of a rear wing, there are six giant fins augmented with red lights. 

The front features a floating clamshell, which ties into two huge air ducts on the side. Emozone’s active aerodynamics include a retractable and adjustable rear spoiler, aerodynamic fins, and those triangular side air intakes. Once employed on a track, all of the aero unfolds like a transformer or a carbon dragon. It’s more Star Wars than Sebring. 

Apollo Evo
The Apollo Evo circuit race car | Apollo

So, Apollo hypes that the Evo is “equipped with a handling package developed by the world’s best automotive engineers.” The engine will “deliver raw power and a visceral mechanical soundtrack unavailable elsewhere in the contemporary and historical hypercar world.” That’s some hype. 

It also says that the Evo is not a street car. We see GT1, GT3, and LMP class overtones, but taken to extremes. Sort of like combining an F-35 fighter plane and its former Emozone. At this stage, it is hard to know if the hypercar will have any influence on future race car designs. 

As for the price, with the Emozone retailing for $2.7 million, we expect the Evo to be north of $3 million. Insanity comes with a price. 


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