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The pickup truck swimming pool is a dream that has eluded many for a long time. We have all seen the many homemade attempts at this idea. However, it seems someone has finally decided to really go for it. The Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool is here, which might make this the best summer ever. 

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The Ford F-150 pickup truck | Ford

Can you turn a pickup truck bed into a swimming pool? 

Hell yeah, you can. This new inflatable truck/kiddie pool is simple. It has two inflatable chambers that make inflating it pretty easy for multiple to work together. As Road & Track notes, all you need once the pool is inflated is the pickup truck and some water. This means a full-blown mobile pool with a built-in stereo is ready to beat the heat all summer. 

Where can you get an inflatable pool for your truck? 

Inflatable pool for your pickup truck
Pickup truck pool | Summer Waves

Where else besides Wal-Mart would carry such a thing? At Wally World, the inflatable pool for your pickup truck is only $45. 

Keep in mind that the pool measures about 5.5 by 5.2 by 1.75 feet, so it fits almost like a square in your pickup truck to fit as many models and bed shapes as possible. “It has large air nozzles, so it inflates super fast. The liner material is really thick, reinforced,” one reviewer wrote. “The thing made my truck much more fun!” That right there is what we’re looking for. 

What are some other pickup truck accessories for summertime? 


Only 2 Trucks Can Handle a Truck Bed Pool, and They Both Cost Over $60,000

 Look, I understand that filling the bed of your truck up with many gallons of water is not what most truck drivers envision doing with their pickups, but at the same time, trucks are fun. Let’s treat them as such. 

I’ll be honest, turning your truck into a swimming pool is probably the best use for it as gas prices continue in this apocalyptic manner. But there are a few more options that might work too. 

REI sells the very cool Rightline Gear Truck Tailgating Canopy. This clever little cover attaches to the back of your truck and includes two legs for the canopy to extend behind the truck. Whether grilling or swimming (yeah, I’m still on the pool), this canopy can shield you from the sun, as long as you keep it near the truck. 

Another fun/silly pickup truck attachment for the summer is the Hitchfire Forge 15 tailgate grill. Being from Alabama, I grew up with folks who made these rigs themselves with a 50-gallon drum, some angle iron, and probably a few cold beers. 

This grill attaches to the trailer hitch and extends away from the truck to avoid the clear fire risk. The articulating arm allows for grill placement while keeping it attached to the truck yet far enough away so as to not cause any damage. 

Summertime is perfect truck weather

Besides this summer’s debilitating price hike, pickup trucks are perfect summer cars. You pile up with your buddies and take the truck to the beach, river, or a BBQ. The open-air bed becomes the best seat in the house for riding down county roads. And when you sweat all over the seats, it’s ok; it’s a truck. 

While I fully believe turning your truck into a swimming pool is objectively great, don’t forget this is actually a pretty extreme load for your truck to handle. Make sure you know how much your truck can handle before turning your truck into a swimming pool.