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The Indian Scout, a model of the Indian Motorcycle Company, was produced between 1919 and 1949. The famous 101 Scout, built from 1928 to 1931, was Indian’s most classic bike ever made. Now, in a recent article from the website Motorcycle, the new Scout Rogue model was announced.

How the Scouts have come a long way

The Indian Scout motorcycle parked on a gravel lot outside of a store
The Indian Scout motorcycle | Polaris Inc.

The Indian Scout, a creation of Charles B. Franklin, came into the limelight in October 1919. It came with a Sidevalve V-twin engine with the transmission in the engine casing. The design resulted in a maintenance-free primary gear-drive system.

As the Chief’s rival, the earlier models of the Scout had a 606cc engine with successive models featuring larger 745cc engines. Starting in 1928, new Scout models came with the front brake.  

In 1928, the Indian Scout 101 replaced the previous Scout models, and it featured a lower seat height, a new frame with an extra fork, and a longer wheelbase. The Scout 101s geometry, sub-frame, and steering head were from the yet-to-be-released Indian 401 model.

The Scout 101 was available with a 740cc engine and a smaller 610cc engine. Because of its superior power, the Scout 101 became the favorite motorcycle for racers and hillclimbers.

More recently, in 2016, the motorcycle company introduced a more affordable version of the Scout. Dubbed the Scout Sixty, this new model had the same frame, suspension, and brakes as the Scout. However, it featured a smaller 999cc engine with a 5-speed gear system.  

What we know about the Indian Scout Rogue

Motorcycle reveals that, according to the NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the Indian Scout Rogue will have the same features as the Scout Bobber. As expected, the Scout Rogue will either have a 1133cc engine or a 1000cc engine.

From the VIN data shared online, some series of the Indian Scout will come from Vietnamese factories. Before now, previous Scout models were assembled in factories located in Iowa and Poland. However, the 2022 Scout models will come from an assembly plant in Vietnam.

Though Polaris industries get some of their components from Vietnam, the company has no statement to confirm models’ production. From all indications, Polaris will soon start producing Scout motorcycles for the Asian populace in Vietnam. While it seems the Scout range will be from a Vietnamese factory, Spirit Lake and Opole are the possible assembly locations for the Thunderstroke and PowerPlus versions.

Do you prefer the Indian Scout or Indian Scout Bobber?

Information about the Scout Rogue is still vague. Hence, we can’t say much about the difference between Scout Rogue models and Scout Bobber. However, we suggest that the Scout Rogue adopts Bobber’s single-seat and lower suspension style. Because of the reduced height, there will be no need for a mid-foot control placement.

Comments from riders on IMRG (Indian Motorcycles Riders Group) Facebook page indicate a greater appeal for the Scout’s Bobber seat style as it offers better comfort. Since Indian already offers several seat options, this one will be a quick fix to them.

Indian already did a fantastic job producing motorcycles that cater to riders’ needs and comfort. The Scout and Scout Bobber lean toward classic paint colors, and both chrome color and black painting of both bikes impact the riders’ vibes.


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