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If you’ve been a little stir crazy and itching to get out to hit the dunes, the dirt roads, or off the beaten path, you’ll need a serious off-road master to get you there. But you don’t want to compromise your daily driving experience or break the bank with full-size pickup price ranges. What you really want is a 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2.

It’s a beefy, capable, and fun truck that may be just as eager to get out there as you are. Chevy says it’s coming yet this year, and you have a real opportunity to improve your street cred.

The best features of the 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2

Some suggest the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the best off-road contender in the segment. And the improvements for 2021, while slight, are big enough to sway the most adventurous enthusiasts. GM is making it taller and wider than the regular Colorado.

It’s also bringing a monstrous 4×4 platform, complete with front and rear locking differentials. Opting not to fix what’s not broken, the ZR2 will continue to offer the gas-powered 3.6L V6 or the 2.8L four-cylinder turbodiesel engines. These configurations provide reasonable fuel economy, making the Colorado easy on the everyday driving, as well.

The interior experience is expected to be similar to the 2020 model design, with the exception of the added Chevrolet Infotainment 3 platform on the LT. Not changing the basics isn’t a bad thing, considering the Colorado ZR2 earned Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Best Off-Roader.

How the 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 measures up

Before you make the decision on which pickup will be your best off-road companion, you want to see how the competition measures up. To truly enjoy the road once the pavement ends, you want to buy the truck that outperforms all the others.

The 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 offers some class exclusives, including Multimatic™ shocks. This DSSV spool valve shock absorber design actually mimics the technology used in Formula 1 racing beasts.

It’s that kind of off-road innovation that separates the Colorado ZR2 from the pack. So, while there may be quality contenders, including Hyundai and Volkswagen’s new pickup introductions on the way, the ZR2 may be the adventurer’s dream.

Standing out and earning serious road cred

The 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 isn’t just performance under the hood; it’s also going to look the part. So, when you’re not off-roading and throwing mud, you’ll be driving a beast that looks like you’re ready to go any minute.

The grille gets a refresh with badging. The front skid plates are matched with two red tow hooks, standard. This pickup is aggressive all around, with reworked lower fascia panels and embossed Chevrolet lettering on the tailgate.

Chevy is trimming out the fat, too, by eliminating a few trim levels, including the more luxurious extras, focusing entirely on power, performance, and capability.

When are these trucks going to be available?

Despite the setbacks in production for so many models and automakers, in recent weeks, the 2021 Colorado is still coming, at least to a recent GM spokesperson confirmation.

Production in Wentzville, MO, is expected to resume, but it’s unclear yet when off-road enthusiasts will be able to make their purchases. Pricing is not yet available either, but based on the 2020 Colorado price ranges, some experts expect the high end to be around $50,000.

When you have your sights set on getting out and blazing trails, you will definitely need a rugged, capable, and aggressive partner. The 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is worth a look. Although you may take one look at its fierce and powerful stans and be sold all together.


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