In Case You Forgot About the 2019 Lexus GX 460

This 2019 model year body on frame Lexus SUV is forgettable in the shadow of the fresh-grilled 2020 Lexus GX 460. Especially taking into account the recent not-so-great reviews. The Lexus GX isn’t getting as much praise as it once did. While the top trim is ultra capable, it still just isn’t quite as modern or efficient as some of the newer luxury SUVs on the market.

a gray Lexus GX in an industrial setting
2019 GX 460 | Lexus Media

However, if you love the rugged-meets-luxury body on frame Lexus SUV, don’t forget the 2019 model year. And if you don’t want to spring for the 2020 model year and its accompanying negativity––such as US News and World Report saying it’s “not a good SUV”––you might want to look into an older model year. Because despite the negativity, this SUV has a reputation as a capable off-roader. Plus, US News posts a 4.5 out of 5 reliability rating for the 2019 Lexus GX 460.

Lexus GX safety features

The one year old Lexus SUV will come with essentially the same features as the brand new 2020 Lexus GX. According to Consumer Reports, the 2019 Lexus GX costs $from 43,675 – $50,025. The 2020 GX SUV on the other hand will cost about 10 grand more. The new Lexus off-road SUV has a price range of $53,000 – $64,265, according to CR. Yet one of the only notable differences is the cosmetic refresh.

The other major difference is the addition of some new standard safety features. The 2020 Lexus GX features blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, and lane keep assist now standard across all trim levels. The 2019 model year still features these as optional safety amenities. Additionally, the 2019 GX already boasts other standard safety features including brake assist, traction control, and electronic stability control.

front grille of a gray Lexus gx 460 in the city
2020 Lexus GX | Lexus Media

Is the 2019 GX 460 reliable?

Overall, yes. The 2019 Lexus GX is one of the most reliable SUVs on the road. A quick glance at Consumer Reports shows year after year of 5 out of 5 reliability ratings. If you are looking for a reliable luxury SUV, the Lexus GX 460 is a great choice.

For some, a body on frame Lexus SUV with rugged capability and near perfect reliability scores may be a better choice than other more luxurious choice such as the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 luxury SUV. For those who plan to actually spend a lot of time off road, the ability to perform a crawling maneuver over rough terrain could take precedent over the ability to accelerate with lightning speed on the highway. If you are one of those people––or one of many Toyota and Lexus brand loyalists––then you may opt for the 2019 Lexus GX.

gray 2019 Lexus GX 460 luxury suv
2019 Lexus GX 460 | Lexus

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Other luxury SUVs

Otherwise it may be advisable look to something with smother ride quality and more responsive power. The Audi Q7 or BMW X5 are both comparable options. At the very least with one of these other luxury SUVs you’ll most likely find the seats more comfortable. Many reviews, including the one and, mention the Lexus GX and it’s uncomfortable seats.