In 2020 Regular Cab Pickups Have Almost No Sales

The buying public has lost any interest in regular-cab pickups. Almost 85% of pickup sales are crew-cabs in 2020. In Canada, it’s almost 90%. When it comes to extended-cab pickups they’re selling at 14% of total sales. Regular-cabs amount to about three percent. In Canada, it’s down to one percent. Those regular-cab sales are bought mostly by fleets. So in 2020 regular cab pickups have almost no sales. Of course, part of the decline with GM pickups is because it only started selling regular-cabs last month.

It’s an amazing decline considering single cab pickups were the only configuration available

blue 2020 Chevy Silverado regular cab with short box in desert

Obviously, times change. This isn’t 1975. But it’s an amazing decline considering single cab pickups were virtually the only configuration available up until the 1980s. At the beginning of 2019 70% of Chevy trucks sold were crew-cabs while 18% were extended-cabs. Only 12% opted for the regular-cab. But in one year the numbers for regular-cabs have dropped significantly.

There was a time when crew-cabs were National Park four-wheel-drive Chevys painted gas chamber green. Fire departments used them to send crews around for different tasks. The extended-cab didn’t even exist until Dodge created the segment in 1973 and both Ford and GM were slow to follow. 

Almost every truck you saw was a single-cab with an eight-foot bed

2020 Ford F-150 Cattleman side rear
2020 Ford F-150 Cattleman side rear | Long McArthur Ford

Almost every truck you saw was a single-cab with an eight-foot bed. Hot rodders chose single-cabs with six-and-a-half foot beds. Then they would heat the springs and lower them a few inches. Today the wheel openings are so big that the few who still follow that hot rod trend have to run 24-inch wheels to get the look. Few bother. 

Chevy Silverado Marketing Director Hugh Milne told Muscle Cars and Trucks, “We had customers that were disappointed that we didn’t do a regular cab short box, and we’re seeing whether or not offering one makes sense.” He continued, “We’re always evaluating opportunities but a lot of that is based on greenhouse gas and how that is formulated-we’re always trying to balance the portfolio.”

Though Nissan doesn’t sell a huge amount of trucks it dropped the Titan and Titan HD regular-cab this year. Toyota killed theirs in 2017. Mazda just released its new BT-50 pickup truck. It will have a single-cab down the road but it was introduced in Australia only as a crew-cab. Aussies consider that a premium, desirable pickup, not a single-cab. 

When Ram introduced its 1500 last year it was without a single-cab

2020 Ram Single Cab Short Box | FCA
2020 Ram Single Cab Short Box | FCA

When Ram introduced its 1500 last year it was without a single-cab. If you needed one for a fleet you had to order the previous model “Ram Classic” soldiering on as a cut-rate new truck. This will last through 2020. It is unknown if Ram will create a new 1500 single cab once the Ram Classic is dropped. 

You would think that the huge volumes all of the manufacturers make would allow for a single-cab variant and a short box for that matter. Ram may not do a single-cab, and though GM has intended to build them the coronavirus may have changed things. There is a dearth of GM pickups and you can expect that 97% want either an extended-cab or crew-cab.

2020 Chevy silverado single cab dually

Way Too Cool For Ram Trucks Ever To Make…