IKEA Makes Cheap Chic Furniture for Your RV

In recent decades, unconventional ways of living and traveling have increased in popularity as people seek a more minimalist, off-the-grid lifestyle. Some individuals and families are building tiny homes; others are converting abandoned buildings into habitable spaces. And yet others seek a camper for a home on wheels so that they’re free to travel wherever, whenever. 

Some RVs come furnished, while others don’t. And others could use homier touches. But how do you even begin to furnish an RV for living or vacationing? There are plenty of logistical challenges to figure out to make it work, but the Swedish store IKEA provides plenty of camper-friendly furnishings that are innovative yet inexpensive. 

IKEA is known for its affordable modern furniture

IKEA is a Swedish furniture brand that sells unassembled furniture at competitive prices. The company has skyrocketed in popularity; in fact, as of 2008, it became the world’s largest furniture retailer. 

IKEA offers dozens of features that give customers a unique shopping experience that ultimately leads to high customer satisfaction. For one, its stores’ huge showrooms display items that give shoppers a complete picture of the products’ potential. It can take hours to navigate an entire mazelike IKEA store, though most people find this time unexplainably enjoyable. Customers can even refuel during their shopping sprees at IKEA‘s in-store restaurants, which sell their famous Swedish meatballs.

Upon taking furniture home, customers are tasked with putting together their purchases. The directions are similar to LEGO instruction booklets, except that the finished product regularly serves a practical purpose. Despite the inconvenience of DIY furniture building, customers largely feel delighted with their IKEA purchases. Psychologists now understand that humans tend to view things we build ourselves more favorably than things we purchase in a completed form. They call this “The IKEA Effect,” Psychology Today reports. 

IKEA holds a special place in many hearts worldwide for its quirky business model and unique furniture offerings. Some families have even used IKEA to furnish their RVs, creating a stylish mobile home or comfortable transportation with modern conveniences. 

IKEA’s RV furniture options

The internet is full of tips and tricks about how to furnish an RV with IKEA products, and several guides can help an owner plan a proper layout to maximize style, comfort, and space. Many RVs have at least a few common components:

Living and sleeping areas

Many RV owners appreciate a sleeper sofa that converts to a bed. Sleeper sofas can save tons of space, and modern designs make the conversion process quick and simple. IKEA offers several sleeper sofas and sectionals that range in size and style to suit any RV owner’s practical and aesthetic needs. 

Eating spaces

Some families purchase RVs to spend more quality time together. A functional kitchen and eating space can allow families to share meals in a meaningful way. IKEA has plenty of small tables, some of which can convert to larger dining spaces to accommodate more people. You can also purchase stackable or foldable chairs to save space too. 


IKEA also leads the pack in inventive storage solutions. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff into a well-designed camper equipped with hidden compartments or space-saving storage solutions. You might also be able to customize these furniture pieces to prevent shifting while driving. 

Final considerations


It Is Possible to Get a Great Camper for Less Than $10,000

When furnishing your RV or camper with IKEA furniture and accessories, it’s imperative to take exact measurements and plan your layout before purchasing anything. With that being said, there may be no better place to shop for stylish and cheap furniture for your camper than IKEA.