If You Win This Honda Civic, Should You Keep It?

‘Tis the season for giving and receiveth in return. In this case, a donation to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund could win you a 2021 Honda Civic. But this isn’t any regular Civic: It’s the first U.S.-market Type R Limited Edition with the serial plate 001. If you’re not sure you can handle what this rare and unique car has to offer, you’ll get a free driving class in it.

Make your donation on the fundraising platform Omaze, where you’ll be entered into a raffle to win the car. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund is a foundation that raises money for historically Black colleges and universities.

What’s so special about the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition?

The 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition broke a front-wheel-drive track record in Japan at Honda’s Formula 1 racetrack earlier in mid-2020. In a July press release, Honda called this figure-8 track, better known as the Suzuka Circuit, the highlight of the Formula 1 season. The Type R achieved a 2:24-second lap time on the 3.6-mile track. In other words, this car is built for speed.

“The Type R Limited Edition reflects Honda’s dedication to refining the essence and driving pleasure of Type R as a sports car and exceeding the expectations of our customers …,” Civic Type R project leader Hideki Kakinuma stated in the press release. “The engineering team and I embraced a racing spirit that has been passed down for generations, and it’s this strong passion that’s driving the evolution of the Civic Type R towards becoming the ideal sports car. Now the ‘advanced’ Type R that I envisioned at the beginning of this development is a reality, and I am overwhelmed by the result and how our efforts have been rewarded.”

Unveiled in February 2020, the Type R Limited Edition weighs around 46 pounds lighter than the regular Civic. Honda’s engineers shed the extra pounds by omitting unnecessary items such as the rear wiper blade and rear heating ducts. Though those items might seem small, the components that make them work weigh much more. 

For example, the rear wiper blade requires an electric motor that needs a wiring harness and wires to operate. The Type R also boasts lighter-weight aluminum BBS wheels wrapped exclusively with Michelin Sport Cup 2 race tires. And Honda specially tuned the Type R’s steering and suspension for racing around the track.

Features and specs

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This little beast proves engine size doesn’t matter — it’s the design that makes it fast. According to Car and Driver, the Type R packs a 2.0-liter Intercooled Turbo 4-cylinder engine producing 306 hp at 6,500 rpm and 295 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm. Low rpm compared to horsepower and torque is good; high rpm compared to horsepower and torque is bad. In other words, lower rpm means a quicker jump at the starting line, especially with a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Of course, all of that means nothing without the right transmission. The Type R boasts a six-speed manual with a gearing ratio comparable to some supercars. For instance, this Civic has a ratio of 0.73:1 at sixth gear, while a Lamborghini has 0.939:1. In layman’s terms, a ratio of 1:1 means that for every single turn the engine makes, the wheels make an equal turn. The fewer times the engine has to turn to make the wheels turn, the faster the car should be. The Type R is slightly better in sixth gear than the Lamborghini. 

Not impressed yet? Keep in mind the 2017 Honda Civic Type R beat the Audi R8 V10, Pagani Zonda S, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Porsche 911 GT2 on the Nurburgring, AutoGuide.com reported. That’s a testament to Honda’s talent and the advantage of front-wheel drive.

Making this Civic even better, the fuel economy isn’t too bad either. It gets 22 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. And unlike most of the aforementioned supercars, the Type R seats four.

It’s a car worth buying even if you don’t win it

Though a $45,000 price tag isn’t something to scoff at, the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition combines racing performance and Honda quality. With all that it offers, it’s definitely worth buying even if you don’t win it — assuming it fits with your lifestyle and budget. 

If you won this prize, it would be wise to hang on to it. This Type R Limited Edition will likely retain its value or even increase in value over the long term if it meets certain collectibility conditions. No matter what, this Civic is poised to be a Honda legend. So, what do you have to lose? If you’re lucky enough to win this Type R, give us a shout. We’d love to share your story with the world.