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Honda is famous for many things, but making a good pickup truck is not one of them. That said, when Honda did decide to make a truck, Honda created a truck that was as good as anything that Honda was famous for. With that said, American consumers haven’t seemed to notice, as they aren’t really buying many Honda Ridgelines. Here’s why the Ridgeline is a truck that you should consider buying as soon as possible.

It’s the best mid-size truck

While the Ridgeline isn’t as famous as the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado, the Ridgeline has something that neither of those famous trucks can brag about.

The Ridgeline is, according to Consumer Reports, the best mid-size truck of the year. To be fair, neither the F-150 nor the Silverado are mid-size trucks, so neither could’ve won that award. 

But with that said, neither of them also won the best full-size truck of the year award. And in fact, both Ford and Chevy’s entries in the mid-size truck category were easily beaten by the Ridgeline, according to Consumer Reports.

The Ridgeline scored well in every category. This includes the stuff that every truck-lover cares about, such as payload and towing capacity, as well as stuff that just makes driving a truck more fun.

The Honda Ridgeline is capable and safe

The Ridgeline is decked out with a lot of standard features as well as optional features, and some of them are simply beyond what Ford and Chevy offer on their mid-size trucks. For instance, the Ridgeline has a fancy tailgate, and Honda also offers a lot of options to upgrade the Ridgeline’s tailgate some more. 

On top of that, Honda is famous for how much it cares about safety, and the Ridgeline is no exception. While the standard Ridgeline won’t have many smart safety features, as it is a basic work truck design, Honda does offer far more smart safety measures than its competitors do. 

For example, Honda offers smart technologies such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and lane-keep assist as options on the Ridgeline. These smart features can make the Ridgeline very safe but also very convenient and fun to drive.

When these features are combined with the excellent ride quality of the Ridgeline, it creates a ride quality that is unique to trucks, according to Consumer Reports. 

The Honda Ridgeline’s December deals

As reported by Cars Direct, Honda is feeling the holiday spirit and the company is offering two special deals for Ridgeline buyers. First, certain trims of the Ridgeline will be available with 0.9% financing over a 72 month period. Cars Direct says that this would be the best financing deal available for any brand-new Hondas. 

Secondly, on certain high-end trims of the Ridgeline, Honda will be offering up to $2,000 in additional cash incentives to the dealer. Honda already offers a $2,000 cash incentive on all Ridgelines, so that extra $2,000 will mean that the high-end trims of the Ridgeline can potentially be $4,000 cheaper. 

That said, as Cars Direct mentioned, that cash incentive may not apply to every dealership. Some dealerships may just take that money and keep it for themselves, while others may use it to cut the prices on the Ridgelines that they offer.

That’s why, if you want to take advantage of this December deal, you should ask around and do your research to make sure that the dealership is using that cash to lower its prices. 

These deals will end on January 6th, 2020, according to Cars Direct. So if the Ridgeline sounds like a great truck for the new year, then hurry up and buy one.