If You Haven’t Watched 4WD 24/7 You’re Missing the Action

Perhaps you’re familiar with this off-road YouTube channel called “four-wheel-drive (4WD) Action.” Well, now it’s called 4WD 24/7 and if you haven’t watched you’re missing out. The channel features some of the most insane off-roading and overland challenges ever, and it’s set in Australia. Admittedly, my sons first showed me the channel. But once I began watching, I was hooked. Now my entire family curls up together for some 4WD 24/7 Action.

What is 4WD 24/7?

The channel has millions of viewers, and every post is related to off-roading. Who doesn’t want a piece of that 4WD Action anyway? They film trips all over Australia, and a quick look at the videos on the channel show headlines like “No One Tests Utes Like This” or “It’s Hard to Believe This is Allowed: Fraser Island.” The interesting titles call us to click and soon the viewer is captivated by an adventure or tutorial.

The off-road YouTube channel used to go by the name 4WD Action. Today, it’s called 4WD 24/7. It’s rough and tumble. It’s unexpected. Really, it’s just fun. And it’s in Australia where the off-road scene is legendary.

From insane overland builds to breathtaking recoveries from extreme fords, there is always something happening at 4WD 24/7. If you haven’t checked it out, you ought to. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You won’t find serene tea drives of luxury cars. There aren’t reviews of which car has the quietest cabin. There is a lot of mud, though. So––depending what you’re into––this might already have made its way onto your favorites list. You might already subscribe. Or, you are someone sitting there wondering why you haven’t heard of it and what’s taken you so long to watch it.

A 4WD Nissan Patrol driving down the highway in Australia
A Nissan Patrol in Australia | Tim Graham/Getty Images

Off-roading on another level

Mudding, off-roading, overlanding––call it what you want. Argue about the difference, even. However, this channel proves that it doesn’t really matter what you call it. No matter what, if you’re equipped with a 4WD machine there is action out there waiting. Some of these adventures may inspire, while others may terrify.

There is a spectrum of angles the YouTube channel takes in terms of an off-road adventure. Still, if you are an off-road enthusiast to any degree, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find something that will get you hooked. Visit the channel. Try it out. See the 4WD Action. At the very least you may find yourself laughing at some of the extremes.

Who started it?

“Shaun Whale, Graham Cahill and the boys have been creating the best off-road content for Australians for 20 years.”

4WD Action | About Page

On the About Page of the off-road YouTube channel, you’ll find a description of the content. Lead mostly by Australians Shaun Whale and Graham Cahill, the videos feature the two and their friends on a multitude of off-road adventures. You can find tips, tutorials, and sheer entertainment.


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The off-road YouTube channel caters to the adventurer, camper, and 4×4 driver. There are a wide range of videos for a wide range of viewers. However, the entire collection dedicates content to a love of off-road driving and the vehicles we need to take on the toughest challenges. 4WD 24/7 takes you up close and personal with the action.