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Although EPA regulations may kill them, Ford’s Super-Duty trucks have been the base for quite a few impressive builds. EarthRoamer turned an F-550 into a carbon-bodied camper, and an F-650 makes for an impressive street-legal monster truck. But one thing you can’t get is a Super-Duty Raptor. Ford’s Tremor package, and Long McArthur Ford’s Baja 1000 and Mac Truck, come close. But much like we can’t get the Ranger Raptor, Ford isn’t making a Super-Duty Raptor. Still, just like there are ways of getting a US Ranger Raptor, there’s a way of getting a Ford Super-Duty Raptor.

What makes the MegaRexx F250R a Ford Super-Duty Raptor

MegaRexx Raptor converstion starting point
MegaRexx Raptor conversion starting point | MegaRexx

According to The Drive, the task of converting a normal Super-Duty into a pseudo-Raptor is performed by MegaRexx of Tucson, Arizona.

The company essentially removes all the bodywork in front of the cabin, as well as the bed. The frame beneath the bed gets additional bracing welded-in, and the bed gets reinstalled with a spray-in bed liner. The sides of the bed, as well as the hood and front bumper, are then replaced with fiberglass versions. The hood now opens forward, and to support it, MegaRexx welds in a steel halo and installs nitrogen gas shocks. These new panels, which are flared, are needed for what else MegaRexx installs.

The F250R gets 20” aluminum beadlock MRAP wheels, with new 46” Michelin XZL off-road tires. These wheels and tires are so big, MegaRexx actually has to move the front axle forward 1.5” to accommodate them. Because this requires cutting into the firewall, a steel plate is welded in to fill in the hole. In addition, these wheels and tires weigh so much, MegaRexx suggests re-gearing the axles for the best performance.

MegaRexx also installs an Icon 4.5” lift kit, with custom radius arms and Bilstein off-road shocks. The truck also gets an Icon adjustable track bar. And to help drivers see down darkened trails, the F250R also gets Anzo switchback lights.

What’s under the hood?

Currently, the F-150 Raptor has a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. A V8 version is rumored, but not confirmed as of this writing. However, if you wanted a V8 or diesel Raptor, up until now, Texas tuner PaxPower was your only option.

Now, MegaRexx joins in on the diesel fun. Underneath the F250R Super-Duty Raptor’s hood is Ford’s 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8, which makes 475 hp and 1050 lb-ft in the 2020 F-250. MegaRexx doesn’t touch the engine, but the company can fit aftermarket exhausts. The engine’s output is routed through the stock Super-Duty automatic, which in the latest trucks is a 10-speed. The truck’s four-wheel drive system, with electronic transfer case, is also stock.

MegaRexx F250R Ford Super-Duty Raptor pricing

2016 MegaRexx F250R Ford Super-Duty Raptor
2016 MegaRexx F250R Ford Super-Duty Raptor | Bring a Trailer

At the moment, a 2016 MegaRexx F250R Ford Super-Duty Raptor is being auctioned on Bring a Trailer. As of this writing, the top bid is $30,000. However, MegaRexx can convert any 2011 or newer F-250 or F-350 into a Super-Duty Raptor. Non-diesel trucks are welcome: the company has even modified one with a V10.

Pricing for a 2011-2016 conversion starts at $39,000; for a 2016 or newer truck, it’s $45,000. However, customers can add additional options. The one on Bring a Trailer comes with a Mag-Hytec rear differential cover, a bumper with several off-road LED pods, powered running boards, and an up-sized 50-gallon fuel tank. You can even upgrade the suspension with King coil-overs and long-travel dampers. Builds take roughly 2-3 months.

2016 MegaRexx F250R Ford Super-Duty Raptor underside
2016 MegaRexx F250R Ford Super-Duty Raptor underside | Bring a Trailer

Driving such a big truck around is sure to be overkill, not to mention arguably dangerous. Still, there aren’t too many trucks that can make a new Super-Duty Tremor tremble.

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