Idiot Drivers: 2 Separate Incidents Expose Why They’re Clueless

Anyone driving these days knows there are idiots out there. You see them all of the time. And the number of accidents reported every day proves that great minds must seldom drive. Then there are those that go beyond being car accidents. There are no explanations for why these drivers did what they did. We have two of those for you now. These are idiot drivers caught in two separate incidents that expose why they’re clueless.

Incident #1: Why driving on an unfinished bridge has hidden dangers. 

Murano stuck on unfinished bridge | Reddit

This is the Lewis and Clark Viaduct Bridge in Kansas City. Does it look even remotely ready for vehicles to travel on? Do you think that the warning signs and barriers were enough to stop the Nissan Murano driver from trying to cross the bridge? How about those 10-inch spikes located every foot for the length of the bridge? Would that stop you?

Well, the spikes did stop this Murano. That’s because in spite of the Murano having almost seven inches of ground clearance that is not enough with 10-inches of closely-spaced spikes sticking straight up from the bridge’s surface. And look at what those spikes tore off. 

Murano being retrieved | Reddit

We see the exhaust, grille trim, the grille itself, underbody protection, and other bits of Murano sitting on those spikes. Wouldn’t this be the likely ending you could imagine upon seeing the bridge with those spikes? We thought so. According to the Reddit post, it was winched out a couple of hours later. 

Incident #2: Why narrow bike trails are not the same as roads.

Jeep stuck on bike trail in SoCal | Facebook

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Yes, we know this comes as a complete surprise. That taking a famously narrow and dangerous bike trail won’t allow your Jeep to successfully traverse its length. If you’re clueless. Which this offroading Jeep driver must have been. 

You may have seen this earlier in the week. Images of the stranded Jeep Wrangler sitting precariously on the Razor Ridge bike trail in Southern California, not too far from Loma Linda. Hiking and mountain biking are allowed around the 2.7-mile trail. Vehicles, however, are not allowed. So that was Strike One. There are dedicated areas for off-roading in and around SoCal but this isn’t one of them.

Another view of being stuck | Reddit

This section of the trail is called “The Trail of Death”

Strike Two was getting stuck on the narrowest portion of the trail. It should have been fairly easy to size up the razor-thin peak and decide your Wrangler is just a tad too wide. Or maybe the driver was lazy and just didn’t want to back up? This section of the trail is called “The Trail of Death” according to TheDrive

SoCal Jeep Club rescues Wrangler | Facebook

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Whatever was sparking around in the synapses doesn’t matter because this was the end result. And there it sat for a couple of days as a monument to sheer idiocy. It was almost screaming, “Look where I am and imagine what a dummy the driver must have been.” 

Luckily, the SoCal Jeep Club banded together to retrieve the Wrangler. The members were able to wrap straps around the black Jeep’s front bumper. Then, with someone navigating from inside of it they were able to save the JK and save the owner from further embarrassment.