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When automakers release renderings, consumers know the designs can tend to be flashier than the end-result model that gets produced. However, with the latest sneak peek at the 2021 Hyundai Elantra, everyone’s hoping the newest version of this popular sedan, keeps all the style and pizzazz we see in these teaser images.

We wanted to learn more about the upcoming Hyundai Elantra reveal, and the latest design that may be transcending throughout the Hyundai lineup to come.

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra teaser

Hyundai recently released two teaser images and one short video to showcase the look of the 2021 compact sedan, the Elantra. The official debut live stream is the introduction to this sleek and stylish new image. Some experts say, based on the renderings, the Elantra is putting competitors like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic on notice.

Others say the Elantra is finally separating itself from the Sonata design styling that it shared in years past. This ‘sensuous sportiness’ theme the Elantra is embracing now may be a sign of design cues for others in the Hyundai lineup.

What is ‘Parametric Dynamics?’

There is a name Hyundai uses when describing its new design language. They call it ‘Parametric Dynamics.’ The surface modeling is seamlessly integrated into sleek fastback curves. In the press release, Hyundai officials say it’s about triangulating the surface design and having those three lines meet at one point.

It’s a daring challenge to those in the design world that most automakers try to avoid. In keeping with its industry-disruptive character, this innovative new design may only be capitalized best with a Hyundai badge.

Interpretations of the exterior design

The renderings shared by Hyundai may seem a bit over-styled, but consumers are eager to see this sleek sedan come to fruition this year. The front end features a broader grille with impressive 3D components. The full-width taillight layout, which takes cues from the new Sonata, gives an extra element of smooth along the tail line. The interpretations so far say this new rendition of the Elantra says one-part sporty, two-parts sedan, and all style.

It’s stylish on the inside too

The exterior curves beg to be stroked with an open palm. But, the interior of the 2021 Hyundai Elantra is going to be just as seductive. The automaker says the new design on the outside transitions inside as well and will offer an “immersive cocoon” kind of driver experience.

Consumers can expect bands of sweeping trims and quality materials. The renderings are a bit less revealing, but there are hints of two screens and lots of silver.

Hyundai is bringing a new pencil to the old drawing board

This latest teaser announcement for the Elantra has the experts buzzing about other redesigns to come for others in the Hyundai portfolio. While the officials are focusing on this sporty new four-door coupe look for the compact sedan, others are predicting the ‘Parametric Dynamics’ triangulation of design lines could eventually impact the Sonata and others.

Renderings and redesign sneak peeks are common when automakers plan to launch a new version of an old favorite. But, Hyundai’s new Elantra is offering a look behind the curtain of something bigger than a new look.

Some are saying we haven’t seen futuristic curves and angles like this since the ’90s when Ford reworked it’s Edge model. This teaser has us all chomping at the bit for a better look. Consumers can expect after the full reveal, this 2021 model will be available in the showrooms later this year. It won’t be long before you can test drive of this upcoming new Elantra for yourself.