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Minivans make the world go round, and while we thought we were the only ones who believed this anymore, it turns out that Hyundai is on the team. The 2023 Hyundai Staria Load Premium is the new offering from the South Korean carmakers. Although this futuristic space van isn’t coming to the U.S., we can still admire (even if a little jealously) it from afar. The Hyundai Staria is the coolest car around, and it’s not even a car; It’s a minivan. 


The Hyundai Minivan is one of the coolest cars on the market.
The Staria Load Premium | Hyundai

Does Hyundai make a minivan? 

The 2023 Hyundai Load Premium is the contractor-spec version of the wild little minivan. This van is a far cry from the windowless white transit vans of contractors previous. Although, the press images do show a white, windowless work van. But it’s different. Promise. 

What makes the new Load Premium so noteworthy is that, unlike other work vans, the Load Premium offers all the fancy appointments for the normal Staria. This idea here is to give workers a good driving experience even in a work setting. 

What’s new for the Hyundai Staria?

According to The Drive, Americans might never have seen the Staria, but our world neighbors might notice new LED headlights, light bar, and Ioniq-like pixel taillights equipped on the Staria. Additionally, the Premium trim gets new 17-inch wheels and a power liftgate. This lineup on a work van is pretty incredible. However, The Drive notes one cool feature that the Load Premium doesn’t get from the regular version; the split rear doors. Ultimately those doors are small potatoes. 

The Drive starts the list of high-value features with a pair of 10-inch infotainment screens. One screen is the main infotainment interface, while the other replaces the gauge cluster. Other fancy features include a blind-spot viewing monitor, automatic climate control, high-beam assist, and push-button start. 

What engine powers the Hyundai minivan?

Hyundai has kept the same 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel four-cylinder from the normal Staria. The same eight-speed transmission also carried over. All that power only goes to the front wheels. 

How much does the Hyundai Staria cost? 

2023 Hyundai Staria Load Premium interior
The Staria Load Premium interior | Hyundai

All this luxury comes to the work van for a relatively low price. The Staria Load Premium starts at $34,889, which is up only slightly from the base two-seater starting at $31,145. The top trim not only gets you all the fancy features, but it also comes with seating for five and starts at $33,787. 

The Australians are taking good advantage of Staria. In fact, it is the best-selling van in Australia. While the Aussies are enjoying the coolest minivan around, we here in the U.S. are stuck fogging up the windows with our jealous breath. Maybe one day we will get some cool minivans like the V.W. I.D. Buzz or the Hyundai Staria, but it may take a while. Until then, we will live through the internet, loving from afar.