Hyundai Leaps Into the Compact Crossover Fray With the ix25


Small SUVs and crossovers have proven themselves to be enormously popular at a global level, and the segment — which was virtually non-existent a decade ago — is one of the greatest growth drivers for automakers today. Not wanting to feel left out of the game, Hyundai presented its contender that would fill in the void below the midsize Tucson crossover in its lineup.

The vehicle, for now called the ix25, adapts the same design language that was applied the new Genesis sedan and Sonata midsize sedan. It looks quite good, and its compact dimensions indicate that it will do quite well in the concrete jungles of the world. It’s 10 inches shorter than the Ford Escape, Autoblog notes, and five inches longer than the Kia Soul, to give you an idea of how much room it takes up.

“Hyundai Motor has grown into a leading automaker in China through continuous innovation, and we are now poised for a new challenge to become the most loved brand by Chinese customers,” said Hyundai Motor President Sung Kee Choi in the statement. “We will now prepare for another successful decade in China through the launch of high-quality models such as the ix25 SUV, which is strategically-developed for China, and the all-new Genesis introduced today.”

The statement makes sense considering the venue of choice for the reveal. However, given the rise in popularity of compact crossovers (think the Buick Encore, Subaru Crosstrek, et al), Hyundai would be wise to consider the North American market — which is reportedly under examination by the Hyundai higher-ups.


Were it to come to the U.S., it would likely wear a sub-$20,000 or so price tag (the Tucson starts at $21,450), feature optional all-wheel drive, and sport Hyundai’s 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine (which is found in the concept), also found in the Tucson. Like most of Hyundai’s other vehicles, the ix25 will be slung to younger buyers, and probably feature a lengthy list of standard equipment, as is Hyundai’s modus operandi. 

For now, the ix25 is slated to be launched exclusively in China later this year, though it will almost certainly expand to other markets as Hyundai continues to roll out its new generation of vehicles.

Here in the U.S., it will compete with a slate of new offers coming in the next year; this includes the Chevrolet Trax, the Jeep Renegade and the already released and aforementioned Subaru XV Crosstrek.