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The Genesis brand is poised to launch a number of new models starting in 2020. Here are some of the concepts that Genesis wants to bring to market over the new couple of years.

GV70 GV80

Two new SUVs are in the pipeline for release. The Genesis GV80, a midsize SUV, will be in showrooms the first part of 2020. This will be followed by a smaller GV70 making its way to dealerships early in 2021. 

Though no details were provided, the GV80 is expected to utilize the 3.8-liter V6 base engine and 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 as an optional engine. 

According to an interview Motor Trend conducted with Manfred Fitzgerald who is the Genesis brand chief, both the Essentia coupe and Mint EV are being developed now. Concerning the Essentia, Manfred said, “It’s just a matter of getting the powertrain equation right and defining which way we want to go with it. Some options we are still validating, as well as the whole chassis. Different configurations and different options are on the table.”

Fitzgerald seems most excited about the Mint city-car. “It hits all of the marks,” he says. “This is what the future will hold. For people to limit the Genesis brand to what they see on the street they will be definitely wrong.”

Mint City-Car

For practicality, we could see Genesis sneaking in two more doors and still retain the current concept proportions and fun styling. About the Mint, Fitzgerald said, “The Mint is the equivalent with what we’re doing with the Essentia. We’re trying to get the right packaging. There was a great positive response where we’ve shown it.”

The G90 flagship sedan will hit our shores in the fall. It’s a freshened version of the current G90 with a redesigned fascia and updated technology. The interior has been simplified to with easier to use controls and new infotainment/navigation features and controls.

Parent company Hyundai created the Genesis brand in 2015 as a more affordable premium car manufacturer. The G90 sedan directly competes with the 7-Series BMW and Audi A8 sedan but is priced at $70,000 which puts it at $10,000 cheaper than either. Also in its class is the Mercedes S-Class, which starts at $100,000. 

Both a twin-turbo V6 or rockin’ V8 are available in the G90 along with all-wheel-drive or standard two-wheel-drive. 

Though ramping up to over 300 Genesis dealers since 2015, most are an extension of existing Hyundai stores, which diminishes the premium brand image that Genesis is trying to cultivate. Genesis says it’s in the process of getting its dealership body to start establishing separate Genesis sites and personnel. They say this will happen over the next 18 months to two years. During that time Genesis will also be adding to its dealer network. 

The G90 was the first Hyundai to be a separate Genesis brand back in 2015. Since then their G70 was awarded the Motor Trend Car of the Year for 2019.