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Hyundai just announced the debut of its 2024 Kona subcompact SUV. It arrives all-new with refreshed styling, cutting-edge technology, and a varied lineup of engine options. Most surprising, however, is the news that Hyundai developed the 2024 Kona as an EV-first vehicle. It’s another step toward Hyundai’s goal for comprehensive electrification of its model fleet.

Hyundai developed the 2024 Kona primarily as an EV

A new 2024 Hyunda Kona Electric plugged into a charging station in an urban landscape.
2024 Hyundai Kona Electric l Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai has established itself as a frontrunner among major OEMs producing EVs. Its line of Ioniq EV models continues to grow and impress critics. But with the 2024 Kona, Hyundai has pulled a new trick: developing a model with an EV-first platform and then adding hybrid and internal combustion engine (ICE) options. 

Typically, manufacturers have done the opposite — starting with a typical ICE vehicle and retrofitting it with an EV powertrain. That process is precisely how Hyundai developed the first-generation Kona Electric. But the Korean automaker flipped the script while redesigning its compact SUV. 

“KONA Electric will play a major role alongside our IONIQ models in reinforcing Hyundai’s EV leadership. The new model builds on the great reputation of the first-generation KONA Electric and is designed and engineered to lead the competition with its many outstanding features,” Hyundai Motor Company President and CEO Jaehoon Chang said.

Kona hybrid and ICE variants are still available

Side view of a new 2024 Hyundai Kona driving on a highway at sunset.
2024 Hyundai Kona l Hyundai Motor Company

Although Hyundai designed the 2024 Kona primarily as an EV, the SUV will still be available with both ICE and hybrid powertrains. Hyundai says a more athletic version from its N division will also arrive. This broad spectrum of powertrains is apt to make the 2024 Kona one of the more versatile compact crossovers on the market. 

Larger dimensions meet sleeker style

Front three quarter view of a 2024 Hyundai Kona sitting still in front of a building with greenery and late-day shadows.
2024 Hyundai Kona l Hyundai Motor Company

As a result of its reversed development process, Hyundai says the 2024 Kona will offer “futuristic,” EV-inspired styling. The newest images back up those claims. The front end notably lacks a prominent grille, a feature so often seen on modern ICE vehicles. Subtly integrated headlamps give the SUV a sharp appearance as well. 

Hyundai says the 2024 Kona will grow in size compared to the outgoing model. At 175 mm longer, 25 mm wider, and 20 mm taller, the 2024 Kona has expanded in every direction. According to Hyundai, it creates a roomier and more usable cabin. 

“The fully foldable second-row seat and rear compartment provide up to 466 liters (based on VDA standard) of cargo space to meet the highest level of customer needs with improved loading convenience,” Hyundai states. “Loading anything from luggage to shopping bags is made easier than ever with the convenient customizable Smart Power Tailgate that enhances cargo space access.”

How much is the 2024 Kona EV?

Hyundai has yet to release pricing, trim levels, or other details regarding the 2024 Kona. The 2023 model starts at just over $22,000, with top-trim Kona Electric models starting at $41,550. If trends hold, we can expect a modest price increase for the 2024 Kona. Hyundai says new 2024 Kona models will be available in summer 2023.