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If you thought the massive touchscreen in the Tesla Model S was cool, you should check out the Hyperscreen in the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+. The $7,200 Hyperscreen takes infotainment to a whole new level by providing not one, but three screens to display the car’s pertinent information. I had to chance to play around with it while I had the EQS on loan for a week and I found that although it looks intimidating at first, it’s not a pain to use.

2022 MB EQS 450 Interior
2022 MB EQS 450 Interior | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

The Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen is a full dash panel that keeps the driver and passenger informed and entertained

2022 MB EQS 450 steering wheel and driver's side view
2022 MB EQS 450 steering wheel and driver’s side view | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Take one look at the giant Hyperscreen and you’re sure to be impressed by its multitude of colors and graphics. When I first got inside the car, I was seriously blown away by the display and couldn’t help but say aloud, “This is the future!” Indeed, it is. And I’m happy to say that it’s easy to navigate.

Yes, there are a ton of menus to get around, but I found that system is actually pretty intuitive. The Hyperscreen itself is a solid piece of glass that measures 56 inches from end to end. Within the huge curved piece of glass are three screens – a 12.3-inch display in front of the driver and passenger and a 17.7-inch screen in the middle.

The screen that sits in front of the driver displays the vehicle’s speed and energy meter (instead of a tachometer). Additionally, the driver can toggle through different menus to see the navigation map, radio stations, charge level, etc. But the coolest part is the screen that sits in front of the passenger.

That screen can only be activated when someone is sitting in the passenger seat (for safety reasons). But when it’s on, the passenger can then toggle through their own set of menus to select music, navigation, a phone menu, and other built-in apps. Apparently, in some countries where it’s legal, the passenger can even stream videos while the car is in motion. Unfortunately, the U.S. is not one of those countries.

The middle screen has everything you need

2022 MB EQS 450 center screen on the Hyperscreen
2022 MB EQS 450 center screen on the Hyperscreen | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

As for the large 17-inch middle screen, that’s where most of the magic happens. The first thing you’ll notice is the giant navigation map that’s displayed in addition to a home button at the bottom. Press the home button and a separate menu will show with more icons for the vehicle settings, radio, Apple Carplay/Android Auto, and Comfort.

That last one is my favorite at the “Comfort” menu displays the settings for the seat massagers and in-cabin lighting. The standard interior color is blue, but if you want, you can pick from an array of colors that you probably never knew existed. I ended up changing it to a really cool aquamarine. However, if any of the menus get confusing, or if you want to change things on the fly, then it’s easier to use the voice commands.

All you have to do is say, “Hey, Mercedes!” and give your command. It’s like your beloved Amazon Alexa at home and unfortunately – just like that popular A.I. – you might have to repeat your commands a few times to get what you want. But it’s still easier than poking around at the screen while you’re driving.

MBUX Hyperscreen “Zero Layer”

2022 MB EQS 450 passenger-side screen
2022 MB EQS 450 passenger-side of the Hyperscreen. | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Speaking of artificial intelligence, the Hyperscreen also uses the brand’s new “Zero Layer” technology. According to Mercedes-Benz, the “MBUX can suggest actions based on previous user interaction, location, and time of day.” That means that if you normally call your spouse at 5 pm on your way home from work, the system will eventually display a tile on the screen with the suggestion to call them every day.

The main point of the Zero Layer technology is that the system will recognize each user’s preferences and then customize the experience for them whenever their profile is selected in the system. Kind of like a nice friend that caters to your needs, but instead, it’s a giant screen in your $122,000 car. Isn’t that nice?

Bonus fact: How the Hyperscreen allegedly got its name

In case you’re wondering how the Hyperscreen got its name, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz allegedly named it after a song called “Hyper Hyper” by a popular rave band in Germany called “Scooter,” reports MotorTrend. We’re not sure if it’s true, but we had to hear what the song sounds like. Here you go:

(WARNING: It’s obnoxiously appealing)


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