This Hybrid Sedan Will Save You the Most on Gas, Says Consumer Reports

Are you looking to reduce fuel prices with a new hybrid family sedan this year? Consumer Reports recently ranked their top hybrid vehicles by payback value. It is the amount of money you save filling up the hybrid version of the car versus the gas-powered version. And how long you will have to drive your hybrid for it to be worth it over the gas-powered model.

After sifting through some vehicles and how they ranked with their payback amount, one sedan stood above the rest when it came to saving you the most on your yearly gas bill.

The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

The back of a Honda Accord Hybrid sedan as a close up of the tail light.
Honda Accord Hybrid | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Regarding vehicles in the sedan class, the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is the best choice for saving on gas prices in the long run. The 2022 Accord ranks at the top of Consumer Reports’ list of midsize cars for 2022 and excels in just about every category. The standard Honda Accord recorded an impressive 31 mpg overall with a standard gas engine, but that number increased even further to 47 mpg overall with the hybrid drivetrain.

The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid received a payback score of about two years. The Honda Accord Hybrid costs roughly $1435 more than the comparable gas Honda Accord. With a fuel savings of around $660 a year, it’ll take a little over two years to make up that extra cost, and in the long run, that is an investment that everyone who can afford the additional price should make.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid trim levels and pricing

The Honda Accord Hybrid offers most of the features found in the gas-powered Accord. In doing so, it retains many of the gas-powered trim levels, including the base model, titled “Hybrid,” the “Hybrid Sport,” “Hybrid EX-L,” and the “Hybrid Touring,” which serves as the top trim level for the Accord Hybrid. The only trim level featured on the gas-powered Accord that is cut from the Accord Hybrid lineup is the “Sport Special Edition,” which takes the Honda Accord Sport and adds some luxury interior trim.

The standard Honda Accord starts at $26,520 MSRP for the base “LX” trim level, and that price increases to $38,450 for the top “Touring” trim level. The Honda Accord Hybrid starts at $27,720 and ranges to $37,590 for the top “Hybrid Touring” trim.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid sedan specs and features


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The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid comes standard with one lone engine and transmission option, a 2.0L four-cylinder engine with a 2-motor hybrid system making 212 horsepower mated to a precision CVT transmission. The Hybrid also benefits from an initial jolt of electric power from a stand-still, giving the Accord plenty of speed off the line. For slow-speed scenarios, the Honda Accord Hybrid can operate off of electric power alone.

From there, the rest of the car is nearly identical to the gas-powered Accord. Owners have raved about the fact that the rear seats still fold down, and the hybrid drivetrain refrains from cutting into the cargo space.

With the Honda Accord Hybrid providing one of the best driving experiences found in a hybrid car, along with the fact it is only costing you a few years of fuel fill-ups to earn your investment over a gas-powered Accord, this Honda Accord Hybrid is truly an investment that pays for itself with daily use.