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Fering is a very small automaker from England that’s working on the next big offroad vehicle looking to take over. Ben Scott-Gedes is the founder, who previously worked with Ferarri, McLaren, and Capar. For Fering, he is applying his skills and knowledge to redefining the way a vehicle can be used offroad. The Pioneer could be perfect for emergency services or other long-distance offroading expeditions. The Fering Pioneer is a hybrid with a fabric body, so how is it better for driving offroad?

A fabric body for offroading?

2022 Fering Pioneer off-road truck prototype testing
2022 Fering Pioneer off-road truck | Fering

The Fering Pioneer is an truck that looks similar in style to the new Hummer EV pickup releasing in 2022. Though it isn’t completely electric, the hybrid drivetrain uses two electric motors to power the wheels. This is how the vehicle is able to drive up to 4,350 miles on a single tank of fuel. Additionally, there’s a range-extending three-cylinder biodiesel engine to help boost the power and keep the driver moving even after the batteries die. Speaking of the batteries, they’re no ordinary batteries you’d find in another electric vehicle or even a standard hybrid. The Pioneer is equipped with Lithium Oxide cells. These cells are capable of functioning in extreme weather without losing range or power. There are limits, but they’ll outperform and outlast a standard lithium-ion battery in extreme weather conditions.

The most interesting part about the Fering Pioneer has to be the fabric body. Fering says the material the vehicle is made from gives it better insulation for extremely hot and cold weather. It also says the material is much more forgiving for offroad drivers. The durability of the material is also a massive reason to have this sort of body on the vehicle. The Pioneer can’t be dented because the fabric from which it is made cannot dent. In some cases when the material tears, it is significantly cheaper to fix or replace than a steel body panel. Hearing that a truck has a fabric body for offroading purposes sounds counterintuitive, but when Fering explains the functionality and purpose, it seems like a no-brainer.

How powerful is the Fering Pioneer?

2022 Fering Pioneer off-road truck | Fering
2022 Fering Pioneer off-road truck | Fering

The Fering Pioneer gets 442 lb-ft of torque with its hybrid drivetrain. The aluminum frame with composite elements, along with the very unique fabric body makes it weigh in at just 3,306 lbs. It has 22.5-inch wheels, which Fering says was a specific choice to make sure the vehicle could fit standard truck tires. This lessens the struggle of finding the right tires for the truck, while also making the price cheaper because they are a common size.

The Pioneer has a maximum payload of its own weight, 3,306 lbs. The horsepower production has not been revealed yet, but its lightweight and torque output likely allow the Pioneer to move quickly.

The production of the Fering Pioneer is taking place in the UK, starting in 2022. Pricing details have not been revealed yet, but a similar price range to the electric Hummer or Rivian R1T is likely. Although with the use of cheaper fabric materials, maybe this will be the cheapest electric truck in the market. The next Jeep competitor is on the way, and it’s coming from the UK.


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