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Husqvarna Motorcycles sign in blue on a white background.

Husqvarna Is Making Their Own Futuristic Electric Motorcycle and Scooter

Husqvarna is a popular Swedish company that makes a wide variety of motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and lawnmowers. Husqvarna realizes the need to transform into a cleaner company. That's why it's focusing its energy on electric motorcycles and scooters. Here's a look at Husqvarna's futuristic concepts that may be coming soon.

Husqvarna is a popular Swedish company that makes a wide variety of motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and lawnmowers. However, like many other companies, Husqvarna realizes that it needs to transform itself into a cleaner company. That’s why it’s focusing a lot of energy on making electric motorcycles and scooters. Here’s a look at Husqvarna’s futuristic electric motorcycle and scooter concepts that may be coming soon.

Husqvarna and its high quality bikes

Husqvarna Motorcycles sign in blue on a white background.
Husqvarna Motorcycle | Getty Images

Husqvarna is basically two companies. One company focuses on backyard and lawn care tools like lawnmowers and leaf blowers, while the other focuses on motorcycles. People may have heard of Husqvarna through either company.

In terms of motorcycles, Husqvarna is pretty famous. It made the FE 501 S, and with a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.5 seconds, it’s one of the fastest dirt bikes in the world. While Husqvarna makes a lot of high-quality racing bikes, its bikes are also pretty good for regular street riding. 

As far as street riding goes, Husqvarna has a few concepts in mind. Of course, these concepts may not become production models, but there’s a good chance they will be.

The Husqvarna E-Pilen electric motorcycle concept

According to Electrek, Husqvarna recently unveiled the E-Pilen concept. It has an immaculate design that makes it seem like it’s from the future rather than a modern motorcycle company. It also appears that the E-Pilen has a lot in common with its gas-powered siblings.However, instead of a gas tank, the E-Pilen has removable batteries.

There are three batteries, and they each have a handle that makes it easier to remove them. It seems like the E-Pilen will be relatively easy to recharge, so long as Husqvarna provides spares. The owner could remove the drained batteries, plug them in to recharge, and then take out some full batteries that charged overnight. 

However, the E-Pilen’s range will still be pretty low. It gets about 62 miles from its three batteries, significantly lower than a typical EV gets. The electric motor also gets under 11 hp, but that should allow it to hit a top speed of roughly 70 mph. While those specs aren’t the best, it’s clearly meant for the city, and it’ll be enough for that.

The two Husqvarna electric scooter concepts

Electrek wrote, Husqvarna also debuted two electric scooter concepts around the same time. There’s the Vektorr, and then there’s the BLTZ. The Vektorr is a larger scooter with a seat, while the BLTZ is a more stereotypical scooter for standing. The Vektorr concept uses a lot of the same styling as the E-Pilen, so it also looks futuristic. 

Similarly, the BLTZ has an interesting design that should set it apart from the other popular electric scooters in America. Similar to the E-Pilen concept, the Vektorr and the BLTZ seem to have removable batteries as well. However, due to their size differences, those batteries are predictably smaller. 

The Vektorr is probably equipped with a 4 hp electric motor, which should allow it to get a top speed of about 28 mph. However, its range is pretty comparable to the E-Pilen. Electrek wrote that the Vektorr gets 59 miles of range on a single charge. The BLTZ, on the other hand, doesn’t have too many specs available. Since it’s a standing scooter, it’s probably not going to be the fastest nor have the most electric range.


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