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You may not have missed your chance to get a new Ford Bronco this year. But don’t hesitate to get in line. The order banks will only be opening for 24 hours. See when you can reserve the 2023 Ford Bronco while inventory lasts. 

When can you order the 2023 Ford Bronco? 

2023 Ford Bronco order banks are opening
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

You might be able to order the 2023 Ford Bronco on March 27. Potential buyers will have 24 hours to place a reservation, and we hope things go smoothly. We don’t want another disaster like the one with Taylor Swift and Ticket Master. 

AutoBlog reminded us that in November 2022, Ford only opened up the order bank to reservation holders that couldn’t get their 2022 orders filled, which was a bummer for new folks waiting for a chance to strike. This move was intended to help Ford catch up with a massive backlog of orders. 

Plus, those with Wildtrak orders and constrained features such as the Sasquatch package, molded-in color hard top, and the Lux package were told that they could change their order or cancel it for $2,500 retail cash. If they didn’t, they risk having their order canceled anyways. 

It looks like the plan was a success as Ford potentially opened up more inventory, but it’s unclear how many Ford Bronco models are available.

Which 2023 Bronco models are available? 

The current supply chain constraints most likely carry over to the 2023 Ford Bronco models. But Ford hasn’t revealed which models and trim packages will be available. 

But we can confirm that entry-level and Everglades trims won’t make the list. Also, the optional 17-inch high gloss black painted aluminum wheels with the Carbonized Grey beauty ring aren’t available with the Badlands model. The seven-speed manual transmission is sold out too. 

Features from the Luxury Package, such as adaptive cruise control, the premium Bang & Olufsen radio system, Ford Synce 4, and heated steering wheels, are facing limited constraints. 

It’s possible that the Bid Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, and Heritage Editon models could be available. 

Those with orders facing supply chain constraints that didn’t change their order could be in trouble. They might have their order canceled, or it might be switched to a 2024 model without price protection. 

This may indicate that not all 2023 Bronco models will be built. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t be surprised if your order gets pushed back. 

Are 2023 Bronco orders protected? 

2023 Ford Bronco supply chain constraints
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

Some 2023 Ford Bronco orders are protected. If you have already received your 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN), then that’s a good sign that things are on track. Also, only those who placed their ‘2023MY’ order by March 15 could receive protection. 

Check your email because if you didn’t convert your 2023 order by the November deadline, then you may have received a message about your order being canceled. This email is an error if you already have your VIN number. 

This 2023 Ford Bronco ordering information is a bit confusing, but you can contact your local dealership with any questions that you may have.

Also, you might not have to wait for a 2024 model after all. Just be ready to submit your order when things open up next week for one day only. Check back for the latest production and inventory updates.