Hummer Reveal: Watch It Tonight Right Here

For a year, we have been covering the return of Hummer. First, the idea of the brand returning was intriguing. Then we learned that an entire brand would not be reborn. Instead, a model within GMC would use the Hummer nameplate for electric vehicles. That was then followed by information that there would be a truck and SUV variant within the GMC stable, both of which will carry the Hummer name. Recently, word got out about the reveal date for the first model. Finally, we reach today, the day for that reveal. 

Lots of Hummer speculation and a few teases lead up to tonight

The outline of a GMC Hummer all-electric pickup is lit up on a black background.
The GMC Hummer all-electric pickup | GMC via Youtube

There has been a lot of speculation about the Hummer nameplate returning. We know a pickup and SUV will both carry the name and be electric. There have also been some teasers of a crabwalk feature, a huge panoramic roof, and some silhouettes that foreshadow a muscular physique. But, all the mysteries regarding the return will be resolved tonight.

Watch the Hummer reveal here

The GMC Hummer will be launched tonight via a live streaming event. Showtime is at 8 PM EST. MotorBiscuit has a link to the event for you below. Of course, we will have many stories covering the details of the reveal. So, you’ll want to keep an eye on our website for continuing coverage.

MotorBiscuit’s Hummer coverage

As far back as October 2019, MotorBiscuit already had information about the Hummer revival. That information clued us in that the electric skateboard chassis that GM has been developing would underpin the new vehicles. The Hummer brand had previously been vilified for its gas-guzzling nature. So, the new electric powerplant was reasoned to be the only way the nameplate could return as a viable product. But very little else was known until the Superbowl earlier this year. 

During the Super Bowl, the official announcement that Hummer was a thing again, came in the form of a commercial. LeBron James and Hummer linked up to provide very few details, but an impactful message, Hummer was coming back. The official world premier date was posted as May 20, 2020. Unfortunately, nobody could have predicted the influence of the global COVID-19 pandemic. So, that original reveal has been pushed back. But today is the day.

Tonight’s reveal also opens the reservation period

Tonight’s Hummer reveal will also mark the beginning of the reservation period for the model. GMC will begin accepting $100 pre-order reservations. Full production is speculated to begin in the Fall, at which time the orders will be finalized, presumably. 

Although the previously departed Hummer brand was both loved and hated. The cost of running an entire company dedicated to high-priced, gas-guzzling vehicles had its toll at the same time gas prices were going up and the parent company, General Motors, was struggling. So, the brand was shuttered. Bringing Hummer back as a nameplate within the existing GMC brand alone wouldn’t make sense if the company brought back another gas-guzzling, high-priced vehicle. However, adding the electric aspect makes nameplate’s comeback a whole new game. Suddenly, it makes sense. Electric Hummer trucks and SUVs as high-end models within the GMC model portfolio could successfully bring back the name, the remaining adoring fans, and early adopters of electric vehicles. So, this should be a win. Regardless, it should be fun to watch playout. Stay tuned.

Update: It seems the GMC Hummer pickup has accidentally been revealed, or at least a simulated version of it. Our friends at Jalopnik were sent a reader submission claiming the truck, “showed up on the iPad versions of the CNN website. A reader sent us a screenshot of the ad (which now seems to have been pulled).” That image is below. Don’t forget to stay tuned here tonight for the official reveal.

A leak of the GMC Hummer electric pickup showed up in an advertisement.
A simulated GMC Hummer electric pickup | GMC

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