How to Prepare for Holiday Cooking In Your RV

Given what we know about the latest trends, more families are spending the holiday season in RVs this year. Conventional RVs, motorhomes, and versatile campers have risen in popularity as travelers look for a safer way to adventure. If you have been curious about how to create a traditional holiday meal in your RV, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite tips. 

What should I put in my RV kitchen?

The kitchenette inside off a Basecamp 20X model
Basecamp 20X kitchen | Airstream

To make your RV feel even more like home, you’ll want to invest in the right kitchen utensils. Think of the basics such as serving spoons, tongs, and a heat-resistant spatula. You’ll also want to invest in silverware and dishes suitable for camping. A cooler can be helpful too, especially if your motorhome doesn’t come with a fridge. 

Other must-haves include a dish drying rack, an oven mitt, and stainless steel cooking set. It’s easy to get carried away with setting up your kitchen, but keep in mind that your space is limited. Outlets like Camping World make it easier for you to recreate your traditional kitchen efficiently. For cooking quick and simple meals, we recommend getting gadgets like a quesadilla maker or sandwich press.

How Do You Bake in an RV Oven?

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Most RVs that come with cooktops/ovens have a propane range. Some require you to light the stove manually. Others, like the Direct Spark ignition propane stove, have an automatic switch. Before you cook with it for the first time, make sure your oven is clean and that you read its manual first. 

A honey glazed ham on a bed of orange slices.
Honey glazed ham made with an Instant Pot | Instant Pot

RV ovens are super helpful in the long run, but they’re pretty small. Many full-time RVers complain that they can barely fit a 9×13″ pan in their RV oven. Because of this, you may want to consider popular alternatives, like the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot allows you to do everything from making a roast to baking a cake. 

Regular RVers also recommend opting for a dutch oven or an outdoor grill to make the most of your space. You can make holiday meals like a braised turkey in a dutch oven and fun snacks, including campfire nachos. Outdoor grills allow you to make your favorite meats and veggies. 

How should I prep my meal?

A campsite is set up under the canopy attached to a white Hyundai Porest RV.
Hyundai’s first RV, the Porest | Asian Petrolhead via Youtube

How Do You Install a Stove in Your Camper Van?

As with any other holiday meal, it pays to plan. After you’ve obtained your kitchen accessories, start thinking about the type of meals you might want to make. Shop in advance and prepare your dishes ahead of time so you only have to heat and eat. 

You may want to think about serving cold meals to save more time and enjoy the outdoors. RV pros recommend that you cook enough once so that you have yummy leftovers to enjoy later. We also like the idea of cleaning as you go since RV space is tight. Stock up on cleaning supplies, food containers and an RV trash can for maximum efficiency.