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A new set of rims is a great way to upgrade your truck. If you do a lot of offroading, the right set of rims protect your brakes and wheel hubs more than less-durable OEM rims. Another benefit of having new rims is that they also provide better load capacities than stock truck wheels.

Prices for a new rim range from $100 to $250 and upwards. On the lower end, you can get reliable, less flashy stock and aftermarket rims. The mid-range rims are long-lasting and often made for offroading. At the high end, you’ll find bigger sizes, eight-lug rims, and deep-dish wheels.

The variety of rims for trucks out there is boggling. You can choose from one-piece, two-piece, or forged. Most of the popular wheels are made from cast aluminum, but there are still steel wheels available. For starters, though, here are some suggestions from for new rims that will make a strong statement for your truck.

Moto Metal Chrome MO962

While black wheels have been the go-to choice for many truck owners recently, chrome rims offer the right amount of luster. The MO962 is a chrome-plated, heavy-duty cast aluminum wheel with an eight-spoke design.

It’s available from 17 inches all the way up to 24 inches for a lifted Silverado 2500 HD. You can also get the MO962 in chrome and black, gray with milled accents, or black with milled accents.

RBP Chrome and Black 94R

The 94R gives you the best of both worlds: chrome plating and black inserts on a strong but lightweight aluminum wheel. The eight-spoke design also comes in gloss black finish with chrome inserts.  You can select sizes from 17×9 inches to 22×12 as well as five-, six-, and eight-bolt patterns.

With the capacity to support up to 3,200 pounds depending on your wheel size, the 94R not only looks sharp, but it’s also tough. A set of these wheels would be a striking, aggressive mod for your Ram 1500 or for any full-size truck for that matter.

XD Series Milled Black XD820 Grenade

Ready to toss a Grenade into the boring look of your F-150‘s OEM wheels? The XD820 is made of cast aluminum with a black finish and milled accents. It has a unique eight-spoke design where each spoke is split into a V shape.

This wheel is available in sizes from 16 to 22 inches with multiple offsets and lug patterns. The XD820 also comes in a non-milled black finish as well as a machined black finish.

Fuel Matte Black Vapor D560

Another offering for truck owners who want a blacked-out look is Fuel’s Vapor D560 in a matte black finish with simulated beadlock accents.

A durable cast aluminum wheel that withstands offroading, it runs in size from 14 to 20 inches with multiple bolt patterns and offsets. You can also get the Vapor in a black metal flake finish.

Vision Machined Black Warrior

The Vision Warrior wheel has a black powdered coat finish and a machined silver face with a split-spoke design. Also known as the 375 Warrior, it’s a striking enough look for the highway but has the durability to handle your 4X4 adventures.

Available in sizes from 14 to 22 inches, the Vision Warrior has a wide variety of bolt patterns and offsets. This wheel also comes in a chrome finish; even a camo finish is available in limited sizes.

American Racing Black AR172 Baja

Offered in diameters from 15 to 17 inches, the AR172 Baja is a sturdy cast aluminum wheel ideal for offroading. Designed with thick spokes and round cutouts, this wheel will give your truck’s brakes and wheel hubs plenty of coverage.

This design lets you wrap more tire around the wheel and is also easier to clean after a day on the trails. The AR172 Baja comes in five- and six-bolt patterns. Finish choices include a painted flat black or a polished black for a more refined look.