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Whether you live in your car out of necessity or for a convenient place to sleep on long road trips, you can maximize the comfort of your experience. Here’s how to maintain your car safety, cover your basic needs, and find entertainment and internet access options.

Ensure an optimal sleep environment while living in your sedan

Cozy sleep is perhaps the most crucial aspect of comfortable sedan living. Restorative sleep is essential to feeling your best. Either fold down the front seats or use the back bench seat to create a flat sleeping surface. Lying on a hard or bumpy surface will wreak havoc on your back and cause you discomfort. Use a sleeping pad, thick blanket, or air mattress to create a soft area. You might want to invest in an air mattress designed for your vehicle type. You’ll need at least one pillow and a blanket or sleeping bag for warmth.

Park in a safe and legal location; don’t park on the side of the road. According to The Drive, spots you could park overnight include rest stops, truck stops, campsites, National Forest land, hotels, hospitals, Walmart stores, and 24-hour gyms. Campgrounds are a wonderful place to stay and frequently include amenities such as water, bathrooms, and grills or fire pits. Some campgrounds require a tent to camp; contact the site to see if you need one.

Also, turn your car off while you sleep to save battery life and gas. Crack a window just enough for ventilation; an open window could invite unwanted critters and thieves. And use a battery-operated fan to help keep cool.

BuzzFeed News published a video of a woman showing how she successfully lives in her sedan. She uses car window shades to increase privacy at night without drawing attention to the fact that she lives in her car. She also shares valuable tips for organizing her belongings, including camping gear and personal care products.

Meal planning for living in your sedan

The Rochester Institute of Technology provides some great tips for keeping and preparing food while living in your vehicle. There are many car-living-friendly food options. They include instant oatmeal, instant mashed potatoes, canned goods, beef jerky, cereal bars, apple sauce, and other nonperishables.

Portable stoves are an excellent way to cook a hot meal or heat a can of chili or soup. If you have a cooler, you could include fresh fruit, salads, and sandwiches. You can cook a hot meal by using a portable stove or portable grill. And don’t forget that campgrounds and parks often provide access to grills or fire pits.

Low-cost internet access and entertainment options

Whether you need the internet for work or personal use, several options are available when living out of your sedan. You can use your mobile phone for tethering or hotspot to provide internet access for your laptop and other devices. Modern cars equipped with Wi-Fi technology provide convenient internet access for a low monthly fee. Internet cafés such as Starbucks and McDonald’s provide online access and the opportunity to purchase a hot meal.

Libraries are another excellent source of free entertainment and typically provide free access to computers, Wi-Fi, classes, crafts, games, and more.

One of the best perks of living in your vehicle is the ability to change your scenic view. Parks, campgrounds, and other outdoor spaces can be excellent ways to connect with nature and have fun. Hike trails, go fishing, or even rent a kayak as forms of low-cost entertainment.

How to shower and clean laundry while living in your vehicle

A gym membership or day pass can provide you with convenient access to clean and hot showers, as well as the option of getting in a workout. Another way to shower while living in your car is to invest in a portable showering device. Keep cleansing wipes or baby wipes on hand for times when you need to freshen up in a hurry. Last, use local laundromats to clean your laundry. Wash, dry, fold, and be on your way.

Overall, take advantage of local resources for showering, laundry, and general needs. With careful planning, living in your sedan can be a comfortable experience.


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