How to Buy a Car on eBay Without Getting Scammed

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people go car shopping. Transactions typically handled in person are happening online more frequently, with consumers preferring to skip the showroom.

eBay Motors is a popular auction site to take advantage of good deals on new and used cars. With over 5 million vehicles sold on the website to date, eBay is a reliable tool when searching for a new ride.

When shopping on eBay, you run the risk of getting ripped off just as you would at any other online store. Follow a few simple guidelines when car shopping to avoid scammers. And you might end up finding exactly what you’re looking for without the hassle of haggling at a dealership.

Car shopping made easy

eBay is a trusted site that has been in business for 25 years. Based in California, the company sells everything imaginable to consumers around the globe. In 2000, vehicle sales became part of the marketplace, and eBay Motors formed. Since then, it’s been a reliable place for buyers and sellers to convene.

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace also list used cars for sale. But few to no regulations ensure fair and honest transactions on those platforms.

eBay Motors eliminates the risk of unethical business practices and questionable forms of payment. The platform offers secure payment methods, relies on user feedback, and offers Vehicle Purchase Protection for consumers’ peace of mind.

Is the transaction secure?

The most expensive car ever sold on eBay Motors was a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador that went for $499,900. According to Business Insider, “If sales that big can be handled through eBay Motors, you can rest assured that your purchase (more than likely for a much lesser amount) will go smoothly, too.”

Every vehicle sold on eBay Motors comes with Vehicle Purchase Protection. If a consumer becomes a victim of fraud, eBay covers the car’s value up to $100,000. You must make the purchase directly through the website to receive the coverage. The plan doesn’t cover maintenance problems, but it gives you protection against undisclosed issues. You’re also insured if the vehicle is a no-show.

All purchases on eBay Motors must go through the financing center and PayPal. When you bid successfully and win an auction, you must pay the balance within an agreed amount of time. The site also helps with financing a loan if necessary.

Finding the right car on eBay Motors


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As of this writing, there are more than 118,000 active listings on eBay Motors. A search engine helps potential buyers by filtering the make, model, price, color, and year. For car shoppers unsure of what they want, they can search by category. Classics, SUVs, and hybrids are just a few common types of cars to explore. 

However, proceed with caution before hitting “Buy It Now.” 

Every eBay Motors user has an overall feedback rating that reflects that person’s buying and selling transaction history on the site. Looking at a seller’s feedback is essential to determine other consumers’ experiences. Some users have a 100 percent rating, and those are the sellers you want to deal with.

The key to confirming sellers’ legitimacy is by making sure their feedback scores reflect their customers’ experience. A seller might appear great if customers have given high ratings for low-ticket items. So make sure a user has current positive feedback for selling vehicles and not just low-priced products. And avoid sellers who don’t have a feedback score. Analyzing seller feedback before deciding to move forward with the purchase will reduce your risk of running into fraudulent activity.

As Business Insider says: “Whether you’re looking for a basic car for commuting, a classic car to tinker with in your garage, or a big-ticket exotic supercar, eBay Motors is a dependable place to find it.”