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If you’re interested in the new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck, you might have some questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is about its size. How big is the Maverick? More importantly, how small is it compared to other compact trucks? What will the difference be like if you’re used to the size of a Toyota Tacoma or Hyundai Santa Cruz? Here’s how the 2022 Ford Maverick‘s size compares to other models in its class.

How small is the 2022 Ford Maverick?

2022 Ford Maverick in blue. How small is the compact truck compared to models like the Toyota Tacoma and Hyundai Santa Cruz?
2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid XLT | Ford

Firstly, the 2022 Ford Maverick is smaller than other compact and midsize trucks as a unibody truck. The closest comparable-sized model is the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Moreover, the Maverick’s wheelbase measures 121.1-inches. According to Car and Driver, it’s 199.7-inches in total length from front to back. In addition, the width without mirrors is 72.6-inches, and the Maverick is 68.7-inches tall. As a result, the Maverick really puts the “compact” in “compact truck.” How does it compare to other models?

Surprisingly, the Maverick is bigger than one other model in its class and its closest competitor. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz is just a little smaller in almost every direction. With a wheelbase of 118.3-inches and a total length of 195.7-inches, the Santa Cruz barely qualifies as a truck. However, its width of 75-inches and height of 66.7-inches is almost identical to the Maverick, albeit slightly smaller.

Model (2022)Wheelbase (in.)Length (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)
Ford Maverick121.1199.772.668.7
Hyundai Santa Cruz118.3195.77566.7
Toyota Tacoma140.6225.575.270.6
Ford Ranger126.8210.877.870.7
Chevy Colorado128.3212.774.370.3

How small is the Maverick cargo bed?

A 2022 Ford Maverick is a small truck ready for camping. How small is the compact truck compared to models like the Toyota Tacoma and Hyundai Santa Cruz?
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The cargo bed is one of the most important things about a pickup truck. Larger pickups are usually offered in multiple sizes, usually six feet, sometimes 5.5, and often eight feet for larger work-oriented models. However, compact trucks, especially as small as the Maverick, only come with a single cargo bed option. For the 2022 Ford Maverick, the cargo bed only comes 54.4-inches long, or about 4.5-feet. That’s slightly smaller than even the smallest traditional cargo beds, which usually range from 5 to 5.5-feet in length.

Additionally, the Maverick’s bed is 53.3-inches wide at the floor and 42.6-inches between wheel housings. Unfortunately, that’s slightly too small to lay flat a standard 4×8 sheet of plywood, which you’d have to do with the tailgate open anyway because the bed isn’t long enough. Next, the cargo bed is 20.3-inches high and provides a total of 33.3 cubic feet of cargo area. Just like the exterior dimensions of the truck, the cargo bed is most closely comparable to the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Model (2022)Bed Length (in.)Bed Width at Floor (in.)Bed Width Between Wheels (in.)Bed Height (in.)Bed area (cu. ft.)
Ford Maverick54.453.342.620.333.3
Hyundai Santa Cruz48.453.942.719.227
Toyota Tacoma73.756.741.519.1N/A
Ford Ranger7261.444.820.851.8
Chevy Colorado7457.844.4N/A49.9

How small is the Maverick interior?


How Much is a Fully Loaded 2022 Ford Maverick?

Finally, since the exterior of the compact truck is small, the interior must be too. Surprisingly, the 2022 Ford Maverick doesn’t feel as compact on the inside. In fact, many reviewers found it comfortable, even spacious on the inside. Its second row is more significant than the Santa Cruz’s rear seat in almost every direction. However, it’s far more surprising that the Maverick beats some otherwise larger models in its class.

Model (2022)Front Legroom (in.)Rear Legroom (in.)
Ford Maverick42.836.9
Hyundai Santa Cruz41.436.5
Toyota Tacoma42.932.6
Ford Ranger43.130.4
Chevy Colorado 4528.6

How small is the 2022 Ford Maverick compared to other compact trucks?

In conclusion, the 2022 Ford Maverick is smaller than nearly every other truck in almost every way. For exterior dimensions, it’s slightly larger than the Santa Cruz in some ways, but not all. The same goes for the cargo bed, which is longer but more narrow than Hyundai’s similarly-sized offering. However, the real anomaly comes from interior space. Impressively, the Maverick’s rear seat provides more legroom than all four other models we compared. Despite being much larger, the Tacoma, Ranger, and Colorado don’t even beat the Maverick in rear-seat legroom.