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One of the top-ranked large cars is the Toyota Avalon. There are many good features about this car, including its special nightshade edition. In fact, as compared to some of its competitors, the Avalon tops the charts in some areas.

Pros and cons of the Toyota Avalon

A red Toyota Avalon at an auto show
A Toyota Avalon on display at an auto show | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

There are several pros and cons associated with the Avalon. For example, you can get a combined 26 MPG with 301 hp. It’s also roomy and comfortable for driver and passengers.

Most importantly for many consumers, there’s a strong set of standard safety features. The car also comes with standard Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa.

There’s also a hybrid available that will give you up to 44 mpg. On the other hand, there is no Android Auto compatibility. It is also front-wheel drive only, though that will change for the 2021 model. Most significantly in the cons list is that it’s a higher base price than other competitors.

Essentially, if you want a car that is high on safety, you want the Avalon according to U.S. News. If you want a large car, you want the Avalon. Its handling is solid and its ride is smooth. There are tons of advanced safety features. The interior is spacious and stylish.

For those that focus on high-tech features, the Avalon is chock-full of user-friendly high-tech features. Part of its strength is due to the amazing combination of passenger and cargo space, reliability and safety ratings, family-friendly features, and positive reviews from consumers and experts.,

Safety features on the Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon rated a 5 of 5 stars in terms of safety, according to Kelley Blue Book. For frontal crash and rollover rating, the Avalon ranked a 4 of 5 stars. For side barrier and side crash, the Avalon ranked a 5 of 5 stars.

Beginning with the 2020 model, the Avalon comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense P. This provides the driver with collision warning, pedestrian detection, lane-departure alert, automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, automatic high-beam assist, and full-speed adaptive cruise control.

The model also has blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. On the Limited and Touring trims, you can get Intelligence Clearance Sonar, which is a parking aid and works at under nine mph to help maneuver in tight spots.

It will also help you avoid collisions by applying the brakes automatically. Each of these options can be instrumental in saving your life and that of your passengers. The fact that most of them are standard is a significant benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked by consumers.

Thus, the base price may be a little more than other large cars, but they don’t have all the features this one does. For safety, the Toyota Avalon is one of the best.

Comparison to other large cars

The Toyota Avalon is simply one of the best large cars on the market. It has won awards for being the best large car for families and was a finalist for the best large car for the money. On U.S. News’ ranking system it scored an 8.3 of 10.

The Avalon is recognized for its high standard for safety, meeting (and exceeding) expectations on this front. This is frequently a driving force for the purchase of the Avalon, especially for parents. As a result, the Toyota Avalon is a powerful vehicle that can meet the needs of many drivers and provide important safety features that can help keep all people in the car safe.

The Avalon is a solid car that has a lot going for it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some negative points, but the positive outweigh these by far. Most notably, the safety of this car is well-recognized by consumers and experts alike.


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