How Safe Is the Ram 1500?

If you ask the folks at Ram, they will happily tell you they have the “most loyal half-ton pickup owners.” Part of the reason for that may have to do with safety. Two groups recently announced their safety ratings for the Ram. Here is how the latest Ram 1500 measured up.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates vehicles in three different areas: frontal crash, side crash, and rollover. They then combine those three ratings to come up with an overall star rating. The Ram received a four-star rating overall.

Among the three categories, the Ram 1500 scored five out of five stars in the side crash area. The side crash rating was based on two tests: the side barrier and side pole star. These tests measure how well the vehicle holds up when it collides with a moving barrier, or crashes into a fixed object.

The Ram received a four-star frontal crash rating. To determine this rating, the NHTSA performed a frontal barrier test, which simulates the effects of a head-on collision. It assumes the two vehicles are moving at around 35 mph each, and are approximately the same size. During the frontal barrier test, the Ram scored five stars for safety on the front driver’s side. However, it received only four stars on the front passenger’s side, thereby lowering its overall rating in this category.

Rollover tests measure one’s risk of encountering a single-vehicle rollover due to a loss of control. The Ram also received four stars in this category, with the NHTSA determining that the overall rollover risk was approximately 19.8%.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also provides safety ratings, which are partly used to determine coverage rates. This organization gave the Ram a “good” rating in nearly all areas. The vehicle did not receive any poor ratings.

The IIHS rated the Ram as good in all six of its categories related to crashworthiness. Those categories include a driver and passenger side overlap frontal crash tests. These tests determine how solid a vehicle would be should one of the front corners strike a solid object such as a utility pole. The Ram also scored well in the moderate overlap frontal test, which simulates the effects of hitting another vehicle the same size while traveling around 40 mph.

Good ratings are further broken up into basic, advanced, and superior. In the area of crash avoidance & mitigation, the Ram’s good rating was noted as superior for its optional front crash prevention system, which includes the Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus. Trucks equipped with this system were effectively able to avoid a crash during the IIHS 12 and 25 mph tests.

Marginal Ratings

The Ram’s headlights were rated as either good or marginal, depending upon the trim model. The LED projector headlights with curb adaptive capabilities are found on the Laramie Longhorn and Limited trim models. These headlights were rated good by the IIHS because of the visibility they provided on curves and straight patches of highway.

However, the halogen and LED reflector headlights found on the Tradesman, Big Horn, and Lone Star models were found to be only marginal. In particular, the IIHS found that they provided inadequate visibility on straightaways as well as on curves.

Ram 1500-A Top Pick for Safety

As these ratings show, the Ram 1500 offers exceptional protection in the event of a crash. With advanced safety features such as Lane Departure Warning and Crash Imminent Braking, you have the power of technology to help you avoid accidents. Combine safety with the Ram’s exceptional towing and hauling capabilities, and this truck can be a great value for the money.