How Safe Is the New Ford Bronco?

When it comes to keeping passengers safe, it’s good to know where a vehicle stands before deciding to purchase it. Are the 2021 new Ford Bronco’s safety features enough to keep it ahead of the pack in terms of safety? We already know it off-roads like a mountain goat, but how safe is the new Ford Bronco?

New Ford Bronco standard safety features

The new 2021 Ford Bronco 2-door and 4-door models come standard with the Ford safety and driver assistance suite. The base model also sees a full-size spare tire with a matching wheel and TPMS, according to Ford. It also includes a personal safety system. Ford Service Content describes this Ford Bronco standard safety feature as a feature that “provides an improved overall level of frontal crash protection to front seat occupants and is designed to help further reduce the risk of airbag-related injuries.”

A yellow two-door Ford Bronco
2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door | Ford Media

New Ford Bronco standard safety also gives you airbag safety in the form of a driver and front row passenger dual-stage front system. Additionally, you’ll get front row seat-mounted side airbags. There is also a front and second row “safety canopy” and a side curtain with a rollover sensor––according to Ford.

Other standard safety features we see on the Ford bronco include the LATCH system for child safety seats, and a tire pressure monitoring system. Plus, the new Bronco features a standard seat belt reminder for the front row. It’s a pretty nice package of standard safety features, and exactly what we should expect from a new vehicle.

What is Ford Co-Pilot 360?

2021 Ford Bronco interior view out to the desert
2021 Ford Bronco dash view | Ford Media

According to Ford, the Co-Pilot 360 suite is a lineup of driver assist and safety features that keeps you safer and more confident “from the driveway to the highway.” We see a unique list of features for each Ford vehicle. Plus, more is added standard with each trim level. For the Base Bronco, the new Ford Bronco safety features include a pretty decent Co-Pilot 360 configuration.

In the base model Bronco, we see an emergency braking system, and a pre-collision warning. There is a lane-keeping assist and cross-traffic alerts in addition to electronic traction control. New Ford Bronco safety features also include the Co-Pilot 360 alert system that puts out an SOS call in the event of a crash. The base model bronco also gets automatic high-beams up front, an advanced rearview camera, and roll stability control.

four-door Bronco with roo panels and doors removed
2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door | Ford

Is the 2021 Ford Bronco safe?

There are also interesting information about factory pole doors with airbag technology built in. This would certainly set the Bronco apart from its competitor, the Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler is known for poor crash test ratings. Especially its most recent crash test, in which it flipped in the front passenger side impact test.

A render of a green 2021 Ford Bronco with tube doors
Render of 2021 Ford Bronco with tube doors | Bronco6G/72roadster via The Drive

The Ford Bronco will, hopefully, be a different story. IIHS ratings for the 2020 Ford Explorer are good. The IIHS crash test rating is pretty decent for the 2020 Ford Ranger, as well. Though this Ford pickup truck and Ford SUV are vastly different vehicles from the Bronco, it may at least say something for Ford’s general safety standards.

Red 2020 Ford Ranger with Ford Performance Level 2 Package in the desert in front of a mountain range
2020 Ford Ranger with Ford Performance Level 2 Package | Ford

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It’s probably reasonable to expect that the Ford Bronco standard safety will be good enough to gain decent crash test ratings. Taking into account the base model safety features and Ford’s standard of excellence, the Bronco should uphold a high standard. It’s not far fetched to both expect and assume that the new Ford Bronco will be a safe SUV.