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As more truck brands enter the EV race, many have been waiting for Ram to present a contender. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Ram finally unveiled a concept version of the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup. This concept truck sports a full suite of futuristic features, including a robot that can charge your Ram.

Ram finally unveiled the Ram 1500 Revolution

The public got its first look at the Ram Revolution concept at CES 2023. Ram’s new electric pickup turned heads with its futuristic design. Its body is sleek, closer to Rivian’s truck design than the angular body of the Tesla Cybertruck. At the front, the Ram name is illuminated in LEDs emphasizing the Revolution’s electric power.

According to TechCrunch, the concept truck that Ram showed off has saloon doors and three rows of seating. This third row highlights the fact that the Ram 1500 Revolution will have a longer cabin than other electric pickups. 

While we got a good look at Ram’s vision for its electric trucks, Ram has not yet revealed many specs of the production Ram 1500 Revolution. We will have to wait for information about the Revolution’s range options. Even though we don’t yet know how far a Ram Revolution will be able to drive on a single charge, Ram did announce an innovative way to charge the truck.

A robot can charge your Ram Revolution

A Ram 1500 Revolution that you need to know how you charge your Ram truck to drive.
Ram 1500 Revolution | Stellantis

Among the features shown off at CES, Ram announced the Ram Charger, a robot that can find the Ram Revolution and charge it without a driver having to plug anything in. Electrek states that the Ram Charger will have the ability to find the parked truck and position itself underneath the truck to begin charging it.

The idea of automatic charging is intriguing, but it does raise the question of how useful a charging robot would be for the average driver. Plugging in an EV is not typically considered a hassle, so the Ram Charger could be seen as a solution for a problem that does not exist. Additionally, the robot charger is bound to be expensive, meaning that most consumers will likely skip it.

However, automated charging could be useful for companies with fleets of Ram Revolution trucks. We will have to wait and see how helpful the Ram Charger is when the truck hits the market.

Other innovative tech in the Ram Revolution

If the Ram 1500 Revolution is going to compete with the heavy hitters of electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning, it will need more than just a quirky charging method. At CES, Ram announced several innovative other features for the Revolution.

One noteworthy technology in the Revolution is known as Shadow Mode. The Verge states that Shadow Model allows the Ram Revolution to physically follow a driver who has exited the truck. If a driver ever needs to slightly move the truck while outside of it, they can use voice commands to make the Revolution move to follow them. Cameras and sensors in the Revolution will ensure that the truck does not hit the driver or obstacles when this mode is engaged.

Ram also showcased the AI personal assistant that will help Revolution drivers with various tasks in the truck. The assistant is represented by a 3D model of a ram, appropriately. 

Lastly, the concept truck that Ram presented was equipped with a projector that can play movies. If this is included in the final product, it will likely be an optional feature, but it is a nice demonstration of how fun the new Ram could be.


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