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Tesla fans everywhere are rejoicing; the aging Tesla Model 3 is finally getting a much-needed refresh. With a list of brand-new features and a new exterior design, the Tesla Model 3 is getting the refresh it needed. Despite the buzz surrounding the revamped Tesla Model 3, some experts are worried about how this new Model 3 might negatively impact the Tesla Model Y’s sales. Here is everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3 refresh and what it might mean for the upcoming Tesla Model Y Juniper.

What is the new Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 has had quite a few changes in its newly released redesign. This new Model 3, which was known as Project Highland, is essentially the same Model 3 from previous years, but nearly 50% of its components have been redesigned, according to carwow. The front fascia has been designed to be more streamlined, with headlights that resemble the Tesla Model S. The rear taillights have also been redesigned as one piece that is integrated into the rear hatch.

This new Model 3 has a ton of new features in the interior as well, with better seats, a screen for rear seat passengers, and a few other features as well, like turn signal buttons on the steering wheel instead of a stalk. The new Model 3 takes one of the best-selling and most affordable EVs on the market and makes it even more appealing than ever before.

How will this new Model 3 affect the Model Y?

According to Statista, the Tesla Model Y is the world’s best-selling EV. Some experts worry that this sales run might slow due to the Model 3’s redesign. The Model Y is a crossover built on the bones of the old Tesla Model 3, so it makes sense that some consumers might not pull the trigger on a new Model Y if the predecessor of the Model Y just got a refresh.

The Tesla Model Y is one of Tesla’s most understated vehicles and, debatably, the most understated vehicle ever released by Tesla. The Model S is a world-leading performance EV, the Model X is a dynamic full-size SUV with gullwing doors, and the Model 3 is a sporty, affordable sedan.

The Tesla Model Y is obviously doing something right to lead the world in EV sales, but why purchase one if you know a new version will be on the roads in the next 6-12 months? One thing that can hold back car buyers is the desire to avoid FOMO – fear of missing out. This can be a huge source of buyer’s remorse. For this reason, Tesla might want to move quickly on the rumored Tesla Model Y Juniper refresh in order to avoid this hesitancy from consumers.

Is there a Tesla Model Y Juniper redesign on the horizon?


Why Is the Tesla Model Y so Much More Popular Than the Model 3?

According to Teslarati, the Tesla Model Y has a redesign of its own in the works. The new Tesla Model Y is rumored to be called “Project Juniper,” and while details are limited as of now, there are many concept artists online who are assuming it will resemble the new Model 3 Project Highland design. For the Tesla Model Y Juniper to continue the success of the current Model Y, it needs to make standing out among the competition a priority. The Tesla design language needs to continue to evolve while staying true to its futuristic roots.

If Project Juniper can achieve this, then it should have no issues holding onto its top-selling status.