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After making the world wait for a full 20 years, the generation 5 Toyota Supra is back. It’s a legendary sports car that’s built with sharp reflexes, race car looks, and advanced safety features. Consumer Reports took it for a spin and found it delivered an exciting ride combined with high-tech systems, but how reliable is the new Toyota Supra?

The 2020 Toyota Supra scored high points

Consumer Reports found a lot to like about the new Toyota Supra, giving it an overall score of 80. The combination of unique tuning and a turbocharged six-cylinder engine gives a thrilling driving performance.

In the performance category, they gave the Supra a 5 out of 5 in acceleration, transmission, routine handling, emergency handling, and braking — that is, all of their performance categories. 

The magazine reviewers were much less enthused with the comfort and interior of the new Toyota Supra. In the comfort category, they gave the sports coupe just a 2 out of 5 in both ride comfort and interior noise.

The trunk and cargo area also got a 2, which isn’t too big of a surprise in a car this size. They liked the driver’s seat comfort a little better, giving it a 4 out of 5. 

The Supra is pure driving excitement

Once you’re situated behind the wheel (not the easiest of tasks) the Supra springs into action, accelerating from zero to 60 in 4.6 seconds. This is accomplished with a turbocharged engine paired with a quick transmission. It’s an 8-speed automatic with lightning-fast reflexes. Rear-wheel drive gives it a track feel, backed up by its responsive steering. 

Consumer Reports enjoyed the Supra’s handling, cornering with gusto, and sport mode makes the adaptive suspension even more responsive. Braking was excellent, with short stopping distances and quick pedal action.

It’s a tight fit

Not everyone is going to fit in the 2020 Toyota Supra’s cockpit. It’s low-slung and narrow, and feels even more enclosed thanks to short glass in all the windows. The car is designed for performance, not roominess.

There isn’t much storage available either in the cabin or in the trunk. You’ll hear every roar of the engine inside the cockpit, but if you’re in it for the performance, it will be a thrilling sound. 

Even inside the tight cockpit, there are plenty of features that keep the driver safe. The 2020 Toyota Supra has lane departure warning that is adjustable to driver preference. The GR Supra has other intelligent safety features such as a pre-collision warning system, automatic high beams, and speed limit information.

A full driver assist package is available, including rear-cross traffic alert, dynamic radar cruise control, and front and rear parking sensors. 

2020 Toyota Supra recalls

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There isn’t any reliability data for the new Toyota Supra yet, but Toyota has never really slacked in the reliability department. Though, you should know that there have been 3 recalls already. One was headlight failure that suddenly reduced the drivers’ visibility, increasing crash risk.

A second recall had to do with the backup camera failing, again increasing the risk of a crash. Finally, the 2020 Toyota Supra was recalled for the front seat belts. This was due to the possibility of the mount being damaged and not restraining the driver properly. Owners of vehicles who have these problems have been notified by BMW North America. 

The Toyota Supra is all-new for 2020, but it retains all the performance excellence we remember from its glory days. Consumer Reports loves the performance and the Supra’s feel on the road, as long as you don’t mind the tight fit and recalls. If you’re looking for pure driving excitement, the Supra is an old favorite that is ready for some new roads.


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