How Reliable Is the Mercedes G-Class?

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is redefining what it means to build an SUV. It has rugged looks that feel natural crashing through river beds and is stylish enough to cruise the streets of New York and turn heads.

It’s hard to improve on something that great, but Mercedes-Benz has done it, according to Consumer Reports. Let’s out check some of the great new features Mercedes-Benz has added to the G-Class lineup, and what it means in terms of performance and quality.


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class on display at the North American International Auto Show
The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Consumer Reports hasn’t tested the Mercedes-Benz G-Class for reliability as of this time, but it has plenty of juicy details. The base model G550 comes equipped with a 416-hp twin-turbo V8, which is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. That’s some serious power for an SUV, but it gets even better. The AMG G63 has the same V8 turbo engine, but this one pumps out 577 hp.

If you live in an area with bad weather, you’ll be pleased to know that all-wheel drive comes standard on the G-Wagon. For serious off-roaders, you can upgrade your G-Wagon with some serious off-road capability.

We don’t have any details about how the 2020 model performs in the great outdoors, so we checked out the 2018 model as a reference. According to Top Gear, it doesn’t get any better. 

Top Gear reports, “First and foremost, the G-Wagen was built to plug mud, bash dunes and go bulkhead first into whatever the planet threw at it.” 

Driving on the road actually proved problematic for the guys at Top Gear, but we don’t know how the 2020 G-Wagon will perform. What we do know is that the 2018 model didn’t lack in speed. 

Consumer Reports gives the G-Wagon a reliability rating of 3 out of 5. Whether that score will go up or down once Consumer Reports actually tests it remains to be seen. 


It’s Mercedes-Benz, so you already know it’s not going to be loaded with cheap plastics and fake leathers. According to RoadShow, “The G-Class is a truck-like SUV in look and feel, yet its interior is appointed with top-notch luxury materials, including premium leather, burl walnut trim and wood and leather trim elsewhere.”

The seats are comfortable even for adults, but it does have one feature that may be a deal breaker. The seats are not reconfigurable. This means that if you’re finally taking that epic road trip, you may have to pack light. 

If that depresses you, then some of the features standard to all G-Class models should cheer you up. According to RoadShow, the G-Class includes, “HID headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, front and rear fog lamps, 12-way adjustable heated and ventilated front seats, dynamic cruise control and dual-zone climate control. Mercedes’ COMAND touchscreen audio control system is included as well.”

Consumer Reports states that the COMAND touchscreen is new to the 2020 model, so if you’re tempted to settle for the 2019, you might want to think again. The 2020 model was released in Fall 2019, so if you’re on the fence, try test-driving both models. 


When you see the Mercedes-Benz logo, you immediately know it’s not going to be cheap, so brace yourself. According to Consumer Reports, the G-Class starts at $153,495. It’s possible that dealers will hike the price up to $161,753. Keep in mind that this is the starting price. If you upgrade, the price is just going to keep rising.

If you felt a little light headed there, you aren’t alone. That’s more than most people make in a year. Given the huge price tag, you probably won’t see many G-Class SUVs traveling down a suburban street anytime soon. Not unless you live in Kim Kardashian’s neighborhood, anyway.