How Reliable Is the Kia Sportage?

The Kia Sportage is one of the most popular cars on the road and has been for just about 25 years. With its sporty design and affordable price, it is really no surprise that it’s a top choice of many car buyers. So, what goes into determining the reliability of this compact crossover SUV?

Well, let’s take into consideration the history of the vehicle itself. First introduced in 1995, it’s a spacious, comfortable vehicle with features that drivers enjoy. Most consumers seem to be extremely satisfied when they purchase this specific type of car; however, how does it hold up in the long run? The last thing that buyers want is to be burdened with problems just after a new car purchase, so there is definitely a lot to think about.

Since car buyers want to know that they are getting something that is extremely dependable, we will delve into the specifics of the vehicle and answer the question that is on everyone’s mind  – just how reliable is the Kia Sportage?

The features of the Kia Sportage

2017 Kia Sportage is on display at the 109th Annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place
The Kia Sportage | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Since this is one of the first things that any buyer thinks about before considering signing on the dotted line, let’s discuss some of the features of the Kia Sportage. A six-speed automatic transition is standard as is front-wheel drive and motor-driven power steering.

Since consumers have high expectations when it comes to any Kia model, it makes perfect sense that the LX, EX, and SX Turbo trims all feature LED daytime running lights, LED high mounted stop lamp, and safety features such as a four-wheel antilock brake system, electronic stability control, and front and rear three-point seat belts. 

What does Consumer Reports say?

When it comes to reliability, Consumer Reports collects data from owner feedback and other sources. So, what is the verdict? Well, as it turns out, the 2020 Kia Sportage doesn’t have the best gas mileage, something that is important to just about every driver.

That being said, the controls in the vehicle are a cinch to use, though the visibility is not the best. However, this year’s model brings even more safety features, including pedestrian detection and forward collision warning, which ranks high when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Repair and maintenance costs

According to RepairPal, owners can expect an average repair and maintenance cost of just over $450, which is relatively low when compared with other vehicles of its class. The Kia Sportage has several minor problems that are fairly common, with owners reporting the failure of the AC compressor clutch, minor transmission issues, and issues with the throttle position switch.

Overall, the reliability rating is better than most, with an impressive score of four out of five. The severity of most repairs on the Sportage is 11 percent, which compares well to other compact SUVs, and owners report that unscheduled repairs are not too common, with most having to consult with a mechanic less than once per year. 

What is the overall reliability of the Kia Sportage?

In a perfect world, we would be able to foresee any problems before purchasing a car, but since we can’t, we rely on reports and data from past owners. The reliability of the Kia Sportage ranks pretty high overall, with most buyers being thrilled with their choice. J.D. Power gives the Sportage a ranking of 87/100 for quality and reliability, which exceeds the expectations of most.

Resale value is also well above average, coming in at a ranking of 79/100, making the Sportage an excellent choice for those looking for a vehicle that they can depend on for years to come.