Is the Ford Bronco a Reliable SUV for 2021?

The new 2021 Ford Bronco sped onto the scene with some interesting new looks. While the Bronco might be famous for its unofficial and unsavory link to O.J. Simpson, can the new Ford’s reputation be based on reliability? Check out some of the first reviews available for this new off-roading machine.

The new SUV some open recalls already

Consumer Reports is currently testing the Ford Bronco Sport, but the vehicle already has three open recalls. These are all recalls from January and February of 2021, which does not bode well for the rest of the year.

The recall includes the rear suspension, the front suspension (control arm), and the powertrain/driveshaft. For the rear suspension, there could be missing or loose bolts from the subframe.

According to the second recall, technicians might have installed an incorrect control arm. This could impact the handling of the vehicle and increase the likeliness of a crash.

The final recall is about the driveshaft. The rear driveshaft could seize while driving, which could cause a loss of control or crash. The dealership can fix this by increasing the lubricant level in the axel or replacing the whole axel.

All three of these would be inspected and fixed for free. Do three open recalls on the Bronco mean it is a bad car? Not necessarily. These issues should be discovered quickly rather than down the line when the cars are already in large numbers on the road.

How much will the Bronco cost?

Fortunately, there are many models for the 2021 Bronco. These models are the First Edition, the Wildtrak, Badlands, Outerbanks, Black Diamond, Big Bend, and the Base model. So if the Bronco Sport doesn’t fit your needs, one of the other options will.

2021 Bronco First Edition is sold out but started at $28,500. The Big Bend noted for “mainstream off-roading” came in at $33,385.

The Black Diamond is for “adventure off-roading” and priced at $36,050. The Outer Banks model, apparently ready for “off-roading in style,” is available for $38,955.

The Badlands edition is slated for “extreme off-roading” for the price of $42,095. And finally, the Wildtrak version. This one is meant for “high-speed off-roading” and came in the highest at $46,980.

These are offered with both two and four-doors, which change the price slightly for each model. Most of the available models are available for reservation with a refundable $100 deposit.

Is the Ford Bronco a good SUV?


Avoid the Ford Bronco Sport for These Alternatives Instead

As with any new model, there will be some revisions after the first year. Based on an initial review by U.S. News, the Bronco has good features for off-roading, a solid engine, good handling, and intuitive technological features.

U.S. News noted that the back seat felt cramped for passengers, and the starting price was a bit high. The Bronco has not been fully safety tested or crashed tested yet, so the full review is not yet complete.

The Bronco might be a bit harder to get your hands on right now, which could work to your advantage. As the various models trickle out throughout the year, more reviews will also come out.

As always, you are the best person to determine if a car or SUV is reliable enough for your family. If you mostly planned to take your Bronco on off-road adventures, it might be worth a test drive!