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Honda is well known for its trucks, SUVs, and sedans, but the Japanese automaker has branched out into other modes of transportation. After getting its start making motorcycles, Honda has since moved on to jets, racing, and even boats. In fact, Honda is so well established in the marine world, Fish Alaska Magazine can’t say enough good about Honda’s outboard motors.

Honda has a long history of building outboards

Honda isn’t a newcomer to the boating world. In fact, Honda has been producing 4-stroke outboard motors since 1964 according to Honda Marine. In 1967, Honda began selling in the United States. Since then, Honda has expanded its inventory so that now it offers engines for catamaran, pontoon, and bay boats. 

In that time, the Japanese automaker has won several awards, including the IMTEC Innovation Award, Popular Mechanics’ Design and Engineering Award, customer satisfaction award for 4-stroke outboards from J.D. Power and Associates, the CSI Industry Award from the NMMA, IBEX Innovation Award, and was recognized by Boating Industry for its top new products.

That’s a lot of awards for one company to reel in, but Honda doesn’t just slap together its outboard engines. According to Fish Alaska Magazine,

“Honda was one of the first manufacturers of outboard motors to offer a line of 4-stroke models in America, and the company is still leading the way today. Their history of innovation and dedication to quality that helps Honda Outboards set the standard for customer satisfaction in the boating industry.”

Honda outboard motors are worth it

If you’re in the market for a new boat, or are looking to replace an existing outboard motor, there are lots of reasons to consider a Honda. One of the major ones is the fact that Honda uses the same engine block to build its outboard engines as it does for the Accord, Odyssey, Fit, and Pilot. Given how reliable those engines are, it only proves how reliable Honda is at building boat engines.

Another point to take into consideration is the warranty. While it’s no secret that Honda’s car warranties are nothing to brag about, the outboard engines are some of the best in the Marine industry. In fact, it’s the only outboard manufacturer that offers a five-year warranty.

Boats are prone to repairs, no matter how much maintenance you do. So given the fact that you know the outboard motor will need repairs at some point, why go with an engine that has an inadequate warranty?

The third reason you should consider a Honda outboard engine is one major award it has won. The National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI has given Honda the Customer Satisfaction award for the past 15 years. Knowing that you’ll be well taken care of should happen to your outboard is huge.

Honda also offers a wide range of 4-stroke outboards. There are engines ranging from 2 to 250 hp, meaning that no matter what type of boat you own, there is an outboard engine for you. According to Honda Marine, “We aim to create cutting edge outboards, while staying true to the core Honda attributes of durability, quiet operation, quality, and reliability.”

Honda has a history of reliability across the board

Honda is well known for it’s reliability. In fact, the only automaker that comes close to what Honda has to offer is Toyota. 

Whether the vehicle is new or used, Hondas tend to get high grades in terms of reliability. The Honda Civic and Accord are probably the best for those looking for a reliable used vehicle. The Honda Ridgeline is also another great choice, although you may have trouble finding one used. Honda Ridgelines that are traded in tend to be swept off the lot as soon as it comes up for sale.

Honda is also aiming to begin producing 100 jets a year. This means that the Japanese automaker is taking the transportation industry by land, air, and sea.


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