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Just like any vehicle, eventually, a USPS mail truck will need its tires replaced. But, just how often does that happen? Currently, the Postal Service’s Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) has two contracts out that handle tires. One contract to purchase tires that are new, and another contract to buy tires that have been retreaded. It is important for mail trucks like the Grumman LLV to have healthy tires. That way, mail carriers can successfully make deliveries. 

How often do mail trucks have their tires changed?

According to the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General, tires on postal vehicles are required to be inspected every 13 weeks. This inspection covers things like damage, tread wear, and proper inflation. If a tire is not up to par, it is replaced. Just like you would do on your personal vehicle. 

A Grumman LLV mail truck sits in a local neighborhood.
Grumman LLV | IFCAR

Tire maintenance is recorded in order to keep track of everything. This tracking also helps with forecasting and replenishment capabilities. Without functioning tires, a mail truck is not very useful. So, it makes sense why the Postal Service takes this matter pretty seriously. 

Are mail trucks reliable?

In terms of reliability, the Grumman LLV has been a little hit or miss. It has been around for an impressively long time, but there have been issues with things like car fires. Still, this mail truck has been serving the USPS since the late 1980s, so with proper care, they can really pack on the miles. 

The Postal Service is currently in the process of replacing the Grumman LLV. Back in 2015, the government agency announced it was looking for a new vehicle to deliver the mail. And, the contract wound up going to Oshkosh Defense, who will be building the Oshkosh NGDV. 

Until the new mail truck hits the road, it is hard to say just how reliable it will be. But, it will certainly be more comfortable and modern than the outgoing delivery truck. And that is something that mail carriers are likely to appreciate. 

What is the Oshkosh NGDV?

The Oshkosh NGDV is the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle for the United States Postal Service. It was decided in 2021 that Oshkosh would get the contract for the new mail truck. And, the process to get to this point has been fairly controversial. 

The new USPS mail truck delivers mail in a local neighborhood.
Oshkosh NGDV mail truck | Oshkosh

The Biden Administration issued an executive order that requires government fleets to transition to zero-emission vehicles. But because the USPS has more autonomy than other agencies, the initial order for the NGDV was mostly for gas models. 

However, recently the Postal Service seriously increased it order for EV mail trucks. And frankly, that is pretty cool. As electric vehicles become more common, it makes sense for something like the USPS to take advantage of the new technology. Mail trucks on dedicated routes are ideal for an EV. Because they are essentially driving the same distance every day, and mail trucks typically don’t drive that far on a daily basis. Still, we will see how well these trucks work once they are delivered.


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