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If you’re like many of us, questions like ‘how much is a used Audi R8?’ pop into your head more often than you’re proud of. If it is a used R8 supercar you want, the good news is that you’ve got some options out there. Because the Audi R8 has been around for so long, there are several used models that are the same price as a mid-level luxury car.

A blue first-generation Audi R8 shot from above
Older Audi R8 models are quite affordable these days | Audi Group

Audi R8 V10 Vs. V8 Pricing

When on the hunt for a used Audi R8 in 2023, you’ll have two engine choices to look for. Models with the 4.2-liter V8 tend to cost less than used R8 V10 models. The lowest prices for a Quattro Audi R8 with the V8 under the hood start at around $60,000. Lower mileage examples can run as much as $80,000 if you’re willing to look back a few years. Meanwhile, starting prices for used Audi R8 V10 models check in at anywhere from $75,000 to $95,000, depending on the mileage and your location.

Can I Drive a Used Audi R8 Every Day?

While the Audi R8 isn’t going to threaten your Toyota Camry for daily driving dominance, as a supercar the R8 performs well in a variety of situations. Models with Quattro all-wheel drive can easily handle snow and rain with ease. The suspension is firm, yes, but handles bumps well enough to make a great road trip car. The front cargo area leaves room for a pair of suitcases as well. In addition, there is a surprising amount of headroom inside an R8. The low seating position and taller doors make the R8 easier to get into and out of. Once inside, even taller drivers can get comfortable behind the wheel.

An Audi R8 driving on a dirt road by some trees

Because so much of what goes into the R8 comes from other models in the VW Auto Group, the R8 is delightfully versatile and composed compared to a McLaren or Ferrari. While those brands may make for more stunning Instagram photos, the Audi R8 is a supercar you’ll actually get to use more than just a few days a year. Even better, you can have it serviced at any VW or Audi dealership, so you won’t have to drive hours to find a service center that specializes in exotics.

Which Used Audi R8 to Buy

The conventional advice for buying any used performance car is to buy the best one you can afford. Find a model with maintenance records, low mileage, and no reported accidents to enjoy greater peace of mind. That said, if you’re bargain shopping for your Audi R8, you can find models for less than $70,000 that have less than 50,000 miles on the clock. Just keep in mind you may need to factor in travel and transport costs to get one. The good news is that the R8 is, for the most part, a normal Audi. That means maintenance and replacement parts aren’t as daunting as with some other exotics, so getting a rougher R8 back into shape will produce a less terrifying repair bill. 

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