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The base model Toyota bZ4x is the entry point to the electric vehicle world for one of the world’s biggest automakers. The fully electric crossover looks like a futuristic version of other Toyota vehicles. It clearly stands out from the crowd, and amongst its Toyota brethren. The most important question is how much does it cost, especially for the most affordable base LE model?

How much is a base model 2022 Toyota bZ4x LE?

Side view of silver 2022 Toyota bZ4X, the base model LE is affordable.
2022 Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

The 2022 Toyota bZ4x LE starts at an estimated $37,000, according to CarAndDriver. It is the lowest model of three different available trims, and slots right under the starting price of a RAV4 Prime. The most expensive trim levels, XLE and Limited begin at a few thousand more. The XLE model costs $39,000 and the Limited gets another bump up to an estimated $42,000.

Though the official price points for these models have not been announced, these estimates are likely very close to the real price. Based on what we already know about the bZ4x, a starting price in the high $30,000 range is probable. Toyota’s first fully electric vehicle is more affordable than many other automakers’ initial EV offering.

What’s included in a 2022 Toyota bZ4x LE?

Toyota bZ4X yoke steering wheel, the base LE model is more affordable than other EVs.
Toyota bZ4X steering wheel | Toyota

A single electric motor setup will be standard and produce up to 201 horsepower. Front-wheel drive is also standard, but all-wheel drive will be available. The AWD variant of the Toyota bZ4x will feature two motors capable of producing up to 215 horsepower.

A large infotainment screen cascades across the interior dashboard along with a digital gauge display. The yoke steering wheel is similar to that of the Tesla Model S. The entirety of the interior of the bZ4x looks much more futuristic than other Toyota models.

What kind of battery life does it have?

Toyota bZ4X electric suv driving out of a tunnel, it's an affordable crossover if you get the base model.
Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

The 2022 Toyota bZ4x will come with a 64.0-kWh battery pack with an estimated 230 miles of driving range per charge. That’s for the FWD model, but opting for the AWD dual-motor variant will drop the total range to around 200 miles. The vehicle also has solar panels which will capture enough energy to produce about 1,000 miles of driving range per year.

Toyota says that fast charging will be standard, so no paying extra to charge your vehicle faster. The LE base model will likely come standard with FWD and the single-motor setup. It’s unconfirmed whether or not all models can be swapped to dual-motor, or if it is exclusive to a higher trim level. Usually, for a few thousand dollars more the base model can be upgraded to AWD, but the dual-motor aspect makes it a bit more challenging.

The 2022 Toyota bZ4x LE base model is likely to start at around $37,000. This estimated price is based on other vehicles in the market with similar equipment and setups, and other Toyota models. This is a great starting price for a respectable first electric offering from the Japanese automaker. When compared to other electric crossovers, like the Volvo XC40 Recharge starting at $55,085, the price looks even better.


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